How much does it cost to restore windows?

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - 12:45pm

What is meant by refurbishing sash windows?

Sash window refurbishment is the process of repairing and reviving old wooden frame sash windows to improve both their function and appearance. Usually, sash window restoration companies work with timber frames and glazing. There is no standardised list of services, each project will have its own custom window restoration package.

Sash window refurbishment might include:

  1. Replace rotten wood
  2. Fix loose or broken glass panes
  3. Repair or replace sash cords
  4. Add or repair weatherstripping
  5. Install new glazing bars/putty
  6. Strip and repaint wooden window frames

The cost of refurbishing the sash window?

The cost to refurbish sash windows can vary depending on the size (bay window, large 6 over 6 windows), condition, and location of the window (e.g ground floor, second floor), as well as the type of work required, e.g draught-proofing, retrofitting single glazed windows, redecoration or sash replacement.

  • The draught-proofing will cost £160 per sash or £350 per sash window with two sashes.
  • To replace one single glazed glass pane, you will be charged around 50-60 pounds by a local handyman.
  • Sash window refurbishment will cost you £600 per sash window.
  • Re-painting the average size sash window will cost you £250-300 per window. If your window is on the ground floor, it may be less expensive as there is no scaffolding required.

If you need retrofitting single glazed windows you can order it here

Why And When Should You Restore Windows?

The main purpose of refurbishing sash windows  is to improve their performance and looks, so when your windows stop functioning properly or the wooden frames become rotten, it is time to restore them. Read more about refurbishing sash windows here

Most of the time, when a window is not functioning properly, it’s due to neglect or irregular maintenance. For example, if the windows are painted shut, it’s probably because they weren’t painted properly.

Repair vs Replace windows - What To Choose

If you have a listed building or your windows are of historic value, you will need to get listed building consent before making any changes, but repair works do not need such a consent, so if you live in a Listed building it is better to repair windows instead of replacing them.

In most cases, it is cheaper and easier to repair the existing sash windows rather than replace them completely. However, if the damage is extensive, or if the window is beyond repair, then replacement might be the only option.

Disadvantages of full window replacement

  • More expensive than repair: The upfront cost of full window replacement is very high, starting from £2500 per hardwood window
  • Takes longer: Usually, it takes 4-6 weeks for the new sash windows to be manufactured and installed by local fitters
  • Requires more structural work: The replacement process is very invasive and can damage your masonry and interior walls.
  • Can result in planning permission being required
  • Can be disruptive to the home and the people who live in it.
  • Might not match the existing windows if you plan to replace just a few windows and keep some of the old ones.


If you have wooden windows on your property, you should start with accessing the condition of the timber frames and the glass. If they are in a good condition, you can just repaint or sand and varnish them.

If the frames are rotten, you will need to fix the rot or replace the windows entirely. Some of the repairs jobs such as cracked glass pane can be done by yourself, as it does not require loss of tooling and single glazing sheets of glass are widely available and can be cut to measure and order online.

If your sash window is repairable, it is cheaper to refurbish it than then replace it with a new one.



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