How to Keep Your Furniture in Good Shape For Longer

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 12:08pm

One of the biggest joys in the world is buying new furniture. The best feelings come from picking places to put them and knowing what looks are going to come from your interior decorating mind. Unfortunately, not all furniture remains in perfect condition as long as you would like it to.

Purchasing that perfect piece to finally complete your living room, or tie together the dining room, or add life to a boring bedroom is fun but keeping it in tip-top condition is the real goal. If you need help trying to maintain the lifespan of your furniture, then here are some valuable tips to consider.

1. Get It Cleaned Regularly

Most people do not even consider how often their furniture gets dirty and forget how bad it can get over long periods of time. Cleaning your furniture regularly is a must. The most important cleaning facts from often focus on the upholstery, seeing as how this is the most notable part of your furniture to get stained or ruined. Routinely cleaning your furniture material, will keep it smelling and looking good, and will keep you from having to replace it constantly, which can help your budget too.

2. Limit Eating or Drinking on Furniture

Speaking of keeping the material clean, you might like the idea of eating or drinking on that favorite chair or couch, but imagine how bad the stains can get if you are not careful? Accidents happen, sure, but you also want to limit how often they happen too. Things like greasy fast food or wine stains can leave some serious issues in the upholstery of your furniture. It might seem restricting but if you truly love that new couch in the living room, maybe try not eating on it all the time. After a while, you will not even notice that you limit your eating on furniture and you can appreciate them remaining clean.

3. Purchase Coverings 

If you are really worried about damaging the furniture and want to commit to keeping it clean you might want to start considering investing in some furniture coverings. You have more than likely gone over to someone’s house before and wondered why they would go through all the trouble of putting a plastic or cloth covers on all of their furniture pieces, but why would you go through the trouble of constantly worrying about spills on a nice suede couch either? The idea seems foolish until you actually realize just how simple it can be to maintain the quality of the furniture. Covers are quick and easy but can extend the lifespan of a piece for years on end.

4. Prevent Pets From Getting on the Furniture

It can be hard saying no to your pet. You want to spoil them and they only have so much space to roam throughout the home so it feels cruel to tell them they cannot use sections of the home, but if you really are concerned about keeping your furniture maintained then you really do need to give them off-limit areas. The most notable ones are obviously on your furniture. The material that they sit on can soak in their odors, but the most damage can come from their nails clawing even the hardest of surfaces and leaving scratches. It is tough to tell them not to jump on the couch, but sometimes a little tough love is important for keeping your possessions in orderly shape as well.

5. Store Furniture When Not Using It 

If you intend to go away for an extended vacation, you are planning on moving, or you are hosting a party, you might be better off storing that precious furniture piece away from broad daylight. Storing furniture is important because you need to do it in the proper way if you want the furniture to still be in good shape. Wrapping it in cloth to protect any delicate surfaces, then insulating it with a soft material like bubble wrap, storing it somewhere dry and away from moisture, and keeping it from dust and sun are all valuable parts for the proper storage of furniture. Sometimes you need to think about how unseen damage can be done to your furniture and storage is a place that this could be a problem if done improperly.

Keeping your favorite furniture looking at its absolute best is always a bonus and it is much easier if you are mindful of the everyday things you can do to prevent damage. Keeping it clean regularly, storing it properly, and limiting what happens to it can extend the lifespan and let you enjoy that beautiful couch for years to come.

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