How to Improve your Garden this Summer

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted Thursday, March 31, 2022 - 10:22am

Most people look forward to renovating and redesigning their gardens in the spring and summer seasons. Since most activities are held in open gardens with plenty of sunshine, it is practical to landscape, redesign, and add elements that make the area attractive and welcoming. When planning the renovation and improvements, some things to consider are paths and patios, hedges, boundaries and walls, negative spaces, water features, children’s sensory gardens or play areas, state of the art hot tubs, modern outdoor kitchens and more.

Modern gardens have been all the rage for the past two years. While many in the UK still prefer seasonal gardens with wispy dancing leaves, most people are veering towards modernizing and upgrading their existing spaces. Earlier garden designs were about symbiosis and merging elements. The redesigns are about emphasized structures with clean demarcation lines, added textures to break the monotony and vertical and horizontal symmetry.

Let us look at some ways to improve your garden this summer.

Outdoor Cinema:

An outdoor cinema is easy to set up. You need a blank vertical area (like the garden fence). Hang an old white bedsheet and secure it to ensure there are no rumples or creases on the sheet anywhere. You can even iron the sheet before putting it up if you want. Add two natural lighting features like vintage candlelight holders on each side, and ensure the glare doesn’t come on the sheet. 

Once this sheet is in place, get the projector out for movie night. Portable indoor-outdoor projectors are readily available at reasonable rates and are pretty simple to set up or travel for holidays. Once you add some picnic blankets, make microwave or stovetop popcorn, and some fizzy drinks, you are ready with a newly improved garden idea for summer!

Hot Tub:

One of the most incredible things you can do is install a hot tub in your garden. Hot tubs are excellent for de-stressing and ensuring you get some ‘me time’ or ‘us time.’ Hot tubs from are reliable, energy-efficient, and don’t cause a dent in your monthly bill. 

They look gorgeous in the garden or backyard and are excellent for de-stressing after a tiring day. Many families prefer investing in a good quality hot tub against spending hundreds of pounds renting or paying to use one for a little while.

Water Features:

Many people do not like the hassle of adding water features to the garden like a shallow koi pond or a mini bathing area. Having a water fountain with a small stream running through the garden will increase the aesthetic, fill the air with moisture on hot days, and help you relax in your own zen space.

Waterfalls, water gardens, small ponds, and pools have a soothing sound (especially on hot, humid nights). They also improve the overall appeal of the garden, add natural elements to the greenery, and attract biological species to your garden. Water features also help the ecology in your area, provide a quick drink for thirsty birds, and help become a refuge for many creatures. 

Circulating water features don’t collect a lot of bacteria, reuse recycled water, and help spruce up the entire garden or backyard. Adding water ornaments, colourful tiles, movable features, and eye-catching aquatic plants will make everything look gorgeous. 

Add Lighting:

Most people forget that lighting makes all the difference. Instead of relying on age-old dim lights on the fence, start thinking out of the box with modern lighting ideas to light up the garden. Adding market lights above seating areas in the garden or an outdoor dining area will illuminate the surrounding space and make everything brighter.

You could also consider adding waterproof lighting features that run on solar energy to save on the light bill but make the garden look gorgeous. If you have any dark spots in the garden, adding solar lights that brighten the patches and add some relief will work excellently. 

Lighting works to create depth and add texture to dark spaces in the garden. Most gloomy gardens can be turned into magical fairytale-like areas with the placement of a few well-placed lights in different colours. Adding dim overhead lights at the corners and brighter ones near the seating, play, dining areas will also add depth to the garden and make it seem different. 

This summer, improving the garden need not only be by adding new plants and flowers. Almost all UK households spruce up and add fresh vegetation, hedges, and paint to the fences. You can go a step further and create a dynamic garden with very few changes. 

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