How to Get a Survey Quote When Selling Your House

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Friday, May 13, 2022 - 6:15am

Surveyance of property is deemed a vital part of the real estate process, particularly because it can significantly impact the sale of your home. Knowing the property lines of the home or property you wish to sell is important if you want to secure the best pricing deal. 

Some property lines are marked evidently by certain roads or landscape changes, while others remain completely indiscernible or may have gradually changed as years passed by. To obtain the most accurate understanding and measure of your property, it’s wise to opt for a property survey and get a survey quote while you’re at it. 

What does a property survey mean?

In simple terms, a property survey basically helps define the boundaries of what belongs to you and those that don’t. Property surveys help confirm the specific land boundaries of your property and are also instrumental in determining other kinds of restriction. In this process, the surveyor usually researches the title deed to understand and learn about the property’s history, ensuring that it doesn’t possess any discrepancies related to boundaries and limitations. 

As the home seller, a survey functions as a visual map or aid for prospective buyers. It can also help clear up any concerns or queries about the boundary lines of your property – an aspect that most potential buyers may find interesting. This way, they’ll have a clear and precise knowledge of the property that they’re purchasing. 

The Importance of Property Surveys 

Property surveys are integral to the home selling and buying process since they determine legal boundaries and property lines. More importantly, they also help provide a clear definition of your property in a capacity that is official, instead of rough estimations and mere guesses. With property surveys, you have a written document that makes the tangible information while also ensuring appropriate noting of easement within the deed. 

Additionally, property surveys are important in that it helps you determine if the property has any unique hazard whatsoever. Surveyors typically check drainage systems and even underground cables for water, telephone, or gas. It also includes the surveyance of elevation and other topographic details. 

If you’re planning on making home property improvements such as deck additions, among many other kinds of construction you can do to maximize your property’s value, it would be recommendable to opt for a property survey. This helps you make better plans for improvement and ensure you’re not bound to dig holes in utility-filled locations. 

How to get a Survey Quote 

While you are able to obtain information about property boundaries without the help of a professional surveyor, you won’t have an official document that says so. Official documents about property lines tend to be useful when it comes to legal disputes and to secure a sale. For this, you need to make conveyancing comparisons to determine which one is the best for you so that you’ll be able to have a surveyor that delivers the job efficiently and accurately. You can visit a reliable site here as an example. 

Before getting a survey quote, you first have to look for land surveyors whom you want to seek services from. To arrive at the best choice, make sure to check their accreditations first and ask for any information about their experiences in land surveying. The safest and most efficient way to go about this is through a conveyancing comparison website where you can sift through many options that you think best fit your needs. Moreover, a Realtor can also be helpful in getting you a property survey, especially if you’re planning on selling your property through them. 

Once you’ve found a surveyor for your property, you can now consider the costs required for the work. To get a survey quote, you will usually be asked about important information about the property you’re selling, such as tenure, number of sellers, and sale price, among many other things. Some also require you to fill up a form where you will be required to answer all of these similar details, including your contact information. This helps you get an estimate of how much a survey is going to cost when selling your property. 

Usually, a property survey costs around $400 to $700, though there are still plenty of factors that can affect the pricing, such as the property size, location, and terrain. The travel time of your surveyor can also be included in the fee, so it may be best to stick to a local professional if you want to stay on budget and save money. 


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