How to find the best deals when shopping for a wireless security system

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 5:52am

A wireless security system combines wireless sirens, motion detectors, wireless cameras, and sensors to detect security breaches at your home and sound the alarm. There are many brands in the market which makes finding the best deal challenging because all security companies showcase the best features and prices to attract more customers. But through reviews, ratings, and research on features that enhance the security system, you will find one that suits your home security needs.

Finding the best deals when shopping for a wireless security system

  • Know the right time to shop

Prices of wireless systems fluctuate from time to time. At all online shopping platforms such as Amazon, they run deals and promotions. In January, September, July and November prices are low. Black Friday is a favorite time to shop for security systems.

  • Identify the best places to find wireless security systems

Online shoppers will get the best deals at Amazon, eBay, Costco, or any other reputable online store. By reviewing online store ratings, customer feedback, and product reviews, you can identify the best places to shop. You may also compare the various wireless systems available in reputable stores and compare the prices, features, and warranties. Research on some of the top-rated brands, top recommendations by high-ranking security companies, and customer referrals on online social media platforms can also help to identify dealers of high-quality security systems at a bargain price.

  • Save on installation costs

Some simple to install security systems are also the best home systems on the market today. You may find some DIY advanced security systems or simple ones with affordable installation charges through research.

  • Identify your security needs

Your home security needs will help you choose an affordable wireless security system. First, decide on the type of cameras you need around your home, cloud, or inbuilt storage options and features that you value most. An expensive system may not be ideal for homes or other confined small spaces. You can get an effective system cheaply through regular home security deals.

Features to look for in wireless security systems

Though you may be buying a wireless security system at a budget, there are crucial features that every security system should have. You can still get such security systems at a budget. Below are some of the features a high-quality wireless security system should have.

1.    Design and lifespan

Security systems are expensive. So, when choosing one, look for durable systems and impressive design. Such systems should have outdoor cameras with an IP-65 to protect them from harsh weather damage.

2.    View field

Those cameras near the doors or windows and other areas that attract criminals at entry points should have a narrow focus to capture any security breach activities. Review the field of view and opt for a camera that offers a wider one.

3.    Smartphone app

 Choose a security system that connects to your mobile phone so that you can receive motion-activated alerts, smoke, or moisture detection. Through the app, you may also monitor activities at home while away. Parents with small kids will also find the wireless security system ideal because they can check on their kids while away from home.

4.    Facial recognition

Security systems that can detect unfamiliar faces around your home and send alerts help to enhance your home security. Advanced modern security systems have AI facial recognition capability.

5.    Video resolution, night vision capability, and storage

A good video should work even in darkness and trigger alerts and notification of motion, unusual sounds, and other triggers that may be a home security breach. Having a camera that adjusts resolution depending on the environmental conditions will ensure clear and high-quality video footage. You should get one with enough video storage to store more HD videos for a long time and capture more data.

Other features are a rechargeable battery option, two-way communication channels, and easy installation procedure.

Even with the best deals and promotions, some wireless security systems' prices remain high. What causes such a price difference, and should you consider that factor when looking for a security system? The price difference could be due to:

  • Monthly subscriptions and upfront costs difference
  • Additional features in advanced security systems
  • Power source and Wi-Fi costs that may eventually impact maintenance costs
  • Professional monitoring service 
  • Installation costs
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