How and why to add kerb appeal to your home

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, August 1, 2019 - 11:35am

Whether you’re looking to add value to your property, or you need to tidy things up a bit in order to put it on the market, adding kerb appeal to your home is very beneficial. Kerb appeal is all about the way your property looks from the first glance, kerbside. If your home looks overgrown and dull, then it’s not going to set the best first impression, whereas if you present your home in a beautiful way, it’s the first step to experiencing your homes style overall. You’ll find it much more enjoyable coming home to a house that looks warm and welcoming, so now’s the time to add some kerb appeal to your property. 

Look at the Landscaping

Many people buy new homes and focus on perfecting the interiors before they even begin to work on the exterior. Whilst this is a sensible thing to do, you don’t want to neglect your homes exterior, as this is essentially the welcome point to the rest of your home. The landscaping surrounding the front and sides of your home is going to play a huge part in how your home looks at a first glance. If the landscaping could do with a little TLC, whether that’s some fresh soil, new flowers to plant or even adding some decorative aggregates to the space, then it may be worth a trip to your local builders’ merchants to stock up on some landscaping essentials. Dedicating at least 2 hours a week to getting your homes exterior into good shape will really pay off and you’ll start to notice a really positive change almost straight away. 

Wash the Windows

It may go without saying that dirty windows will make your home look dull and dark, but it’s surprising how many people go years without giving their windows a proper wash. You don’t need to spend lots of time on this, but having clean windows is essential for creating good kerb appeal. If you feel you don’t have the time to invest into cleaning every window, look at hiring a window cleaner to come once a month, it’s another task that can be ticked off the list and will make a huge difference too. 

Dress the Door

Your front door is a bold focal point, so you want it to stand out beautifully and look the part. Many people adopt a bright colour for their front doors, or an extravagant knocker to really bring the area to life. However, you wish to dress your front door, be sure to make it pop and stand out. You want your front door to catch the eye and draw you in, as this will really enhance the overall kerb appeal that your property has. As the welcoming part to your home, you want your front door to look inviting and ready to welcome whoever you have coming to enter your home. 

Prepare the Path

Imagine the path leading to your front door is a runway, the perfect place for people to wander with intrigue before reaching your front door. Having a neatly shaped path will really help to draw the whole look together and create a clear walkway to the front of your property. You could look at lining your path with brightly coloured flowers or stones to add to the overall look beautifully. 

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