Front of house glow ups: 4 ways to make your house stand out from the outside

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - 7:24am

The front of your house is the first thing people see but it’s often overlooked. We focus so much on the interiors of our homes that the exterior can be forgotten about or moves down the list of priorities when it comes to aesthetics. If you want to take the outside of your home from blah to beautiful, check out these tips and your house will transform into the best on the street!

  1. Fix up the front door

Front doors come in many shapes and sizes. From old wooden doors, to big porches, to brightly painted pieces, doors are the entrance to your home so make sure it looks lovely. If your door is old and tired, think about purchasing an upgrade. If you live in a cottage-style house, why not try a coloured front door such as sage green or pastel pink? It’s important to remember that function is the main purpose of the door so ensure it has all the appropriate locks fitted (or can have them added on after it’s installed). If you love your existing door give it a good clean so it’s looking its best. If you have a wooden front door show it some love with Osmo door oil.

  1. Update your finish

Adding a finish to your exterior can give your home a totally different look. If you’re bored of your brick work why not add some wooden cladding? Timber cladding will give your walls a super contemporary look that is popular with designers and architects alike. If wood isn’t your vibe, rendering will smarten up the outside of your home and offer a layer of protection from the elements. Pick the colour of your rendering carefully. If you want something low maintenance, avoid bright white tones and they are quicker to show dirt and will leave your home looking grubby unless it’s regularly cleaned.

  1. Grow green fingers

Adding plants and greenery to the front of your home will instantly make it look more put together. If you have a large space out front, add a lawn or rockery with plants around the edge. Flowers will brighten the area up and your guests will enjoy the sweet smells. If you’re more of a paved driveway sort of person, pop some tall plants on either side of your front door to keep your exterior looking contemporary and chic. Bay trees and small palms work well for this look and are both relatively easy to take care of.

  1. Liven up with lighting

The right lighting can completely transform the exterior of your home. As well as being useful for getting in your home safely at night, lighting can be one of the little touches that make your house seem more luxurious. Opt for up-lighting for a modern look, with scones placed two-thirds of the way up your walls.

 Remember that altering the outside of your home may need planning permission so check with your local council before making any big decisions.

Are you planning on upgrading your exteriors this summer? Let us know your favourite tips in the comments!

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