Customized kitchens: the new big deal in home decor

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 8:17am

There was a time when customized kitchens were considered as a luxury item in the home decor’s business area. But now the things have changed dramatically. Getting a custom built kitchen, nowadays, is much more affordable than a few years ago. This is due mostly to those enterprises that literally turned this specific sector of home design market upside down: companies like bespoke kitchens, specialized in offering their customers an extremely wide range of solutions for their needs, in terms of style, colors, amenities and any kind of peculiar request.

Companies like that are extremely responsive to the new upcoming trends in the kitchen design market, and this is probably the main reason why today customized kitchens are getting more and more requested by any kind of customers. Even the less wealthy ones. In fact, in the latest years the average cost of a custom designed kitchen is decreased: it is likely that many companies have realized that aiming to large numbers, in terms of sales, is more profitable than keeping this kind of service segregated into an elite area.

Despite that, customized kitchens are keeping their luxurious allure. Indeed, they are even enhancing this aspect of their profile. In fact, many companies are investing large sums in high class design, hiring top level professionals specifically for this purpose. The goal is to combine the elegance of a luxury brand and the competitive price of an ordinary retail sale.

According to a recent survey, customized kitchens’ sales are growing constantly for several years in a row: a 1,3% of annual increasing has been recorded in 2018. This numbers are encouraging enough to make this scope of the market one of the most interesting and appetizing of all those ones that orbit the real estate framework. Will it be the next big thing for the investors in the years to come? Time will tell, but the signs are promising.