Choosing the most efficient dining chairs for your home

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, December 30, 2020 - 6:40am

The dining room has taken all types of functions from being just a place to sit and dine to a gathering spot of some sort. The chairs around the table need to work with the lifestyle of the occupants of the house. The following are important factors to consider when choosing dining chairs and the ways to find the right one for the home:

Size and Shape

It is important for one to think about the shape and size of the dining table so that they can choose the right chair design for the dining area. If one wants to uplift their dining room, Lakeland furniture offers a collection of dining room chairs of all shapes and sizes that offer the comfort that complements the owner’s character and taste. Chairs with arms or benches fit well with longer or rectangular tables, while smaller and round tables require chairs without arms.

Chair Height and Width

Armchairs, stools, benches, and other types of chairs greatly differ from dining. It is important to note that dining chairs should be of a certain height to complement the dining table. In essence, a typical dining table's height is usually 30 inches, while that of a dining chair is around 19 inches. This leaves an allowance of 11 inches of space between the tabletop and the chair. If the height of the chair is too high, then it will cause someone to slouch. It will make it too uncomfortable for someone to dine on the table if it is too low. When considering the width, the distance between the legs of the table should be measured. The best is to allow a distance of 6 inches between each chair and the table legs. Smaller dining chairs or chairs without arms allow for more people to sit around the table, while wider chairs with arms provide more comfort for the diners.

Plain or Upholstered?

Most people find themselves spending quite some time around the dining table, either relaxing with friends for a drink or playing board games with the family. It is important to make the space more comfortable by adding cushions to accompany the chairs. On the other hand, plain chairs are the best for people who spend most of their time on the sofa or in the living room watching television.

Stackable Options

This is the best option if space is a constraint in the dining area. Sometimes, when more guests arrive, one will need to consider how best to accommodate them. Extra stools or stackable chairs can be an advantage in this scenario since they can be put away when they are not needed.


The modern, versatile seating solutions encourage furniture to be multifunctional. The dining chairs can equally be used for the dining area or as extra seating for guests in the living room. Some dining chairs can be placed outside due to the versatile materials they are made of, therefore bringing great comfort and design to the outside.


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