Buying a New Property Before You Move to a New City

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Friday, July 5, 2019 - 6:45am

Your decision to accept a job in a different city was a huge risk. You knew that there's no certainty that things will go as planned. You could end up hating your new job, or the new city isn't the perfect fit for you.

You should only buy a property once you're confident that you love your new job and city. Evaluate how you feel after moving and determine if it's a place you like. For some people, there's an instant connection. Others need to wait for a while. Suspend your judgement until you're confident that it's the right one.

You can rent a place temporarily. Take a short-term lease so that you can leave once you find the perfect home, or you decide to go back to your old home. Besides, if you're moving to a city where the cost of living is higher, it might not be an easy decision to take out a mortgage right away.

Signs that it’s time to buy a property 

You might have second thoughts at first, but you will eventually decide that you love the new place. The first sign is that you find everything that you need and want. Hospitals and shopping malls are accessible. You find a new school for your kids. Local clubs for your hobbies are also available.

Another sign is that you love your job, and you think you can stay a long time in your new post. You love the people you work with, and there's a chance that you could even apply for a promotion.

Finally, you think that you’re in a city where you can raise your kids and even retire with your partner. Once you see yourself realising your long-term plans in the city, it’s time to buy a new house.

Look around

Look for properties close to key areas, including your workplace and the school where you’re sending your kids. Check the cost of these properties and compare them. Make sure that you purchase one that you can afford. After some time, you should already know your monthly expenses and if they’re manageable considering your income. 

Talk to a real estate agent if you want to know more about the properties in the area. It helps if you see the options first before you decide. Sometimes, it's easy to determine if you love the place once you go to an open house. Don't judge based on the cost alone since you also have to consider your and your family's needs.

You might find the best properties in Brentwood if you move to that area. Given the popularity of the options in that neighbourhood, you need to decide soon since several other potential buyers might decide to buy the property you want. Prepare your documents to make it easy to apply for a mortgage. Find the best estate agents Brentwood offers, so they can help you out. 

It’s a long process before you can finally settle in a new home, but you’ll get there.

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