The Best Investments You Can Make for Your Home

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Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 11:49am

Whether you’re looking to sell your property or are just opting for a few meaningful home improvements, it’s important to know where best to put your money and how it can benefit you. Properties with practical improvements will be more popular with potential buyers on the market and may be able to save you money on your monthly expenses while you’re waiting to sell. Or, if you’ve found your forever home, then any positive investment you make in the property will only make your home life that much more enjoyable. 

A Security System 

Part of having an enjoyable home life and property is feeling secure within it. That’s where a good security system comes in. You can invest in as much or as little as you like, anything from a home alarm, security cameras installed outside or motion-detection light sensors. Even one of these will make a difference, not only to the security of your property, but for your peace of mind, too. 

This can also add value to your property when buyers come to view your home, as they will see any security system as a huge positive for them. 

Updated Windows

Having the correct windows fitted in your property is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Aesthetically, you want the best style windows suited for your taste and for your rooms, and which offer the most amount of natural light. Practically, you want secure and efficient windows fitted in order to eliminate heat loss and drafts and protect against the weather. The correct windows will also save you money on energy bills and help to keep your home at optimum temperature. Double glazing can also help with noise reduction. 

It’s also important to have your windows fitted with locking capabilities for extra security (as long as you remember where the keys are!) If you haven’t already got double glazing for your windows, this is definitely an investment which should be at the top of your list. Buying Double Glazing online is the easiest way to compare prices and look at the options you need.

A Secure Front Door

Not only does a functional and solid door look good, but it adds important security to your property, too. There are many different colours and styles of front door you can opt for, better fitted for the style of your property and the look you are going for. You can choose to have glass windows in the door, or go for a more basic, functional look. 

When having a new door fitted, it’s also a good idea to install extra security measures such as a deadbolt, safety chain and a Yale lock. 

Outside Transformation 

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or lots of outside space but you’re not utilising it, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity. A well-tended and organised outside space can offer a new place to relax and unwind within your home, as well as adding tons of value and potential to your property if you come to sell. 

Depending on the type of outside space you would prefer, you can create a garden retreat full of natural flowers, plants and a seating area, or opt for wooden decking and a perfect spot to put the barbeque. You could go one step further and install a pond where you can keep your own fish, or – if you have a family – you could install items to keep the kids busy during the summer. 

If you’re planning on selling your property and would prefer not to spend time and energy transforming your outside space, it’s important to at least make it clean and fresh, even if its empty. Buyers need to be able to see the potential of a space, and this is more easily done with a tended, bare piece of garden rather than an overgrown mess. 

A New Kitchen 

A functional kitchen will always be relevant, and continually required. Whether you’re a single individual, a couple or a large family, having a suitable place to cook, store food and eat is a must have for any home. Investing in kitchen improvements is one of the most useful areas you can splurge on. 

A lot of new buyers always look to update an existing kitchen if they feel that it is lacking, so it can really improve your chances of selling if your kitchen is in top form. An important feature of a kitchen which shouldn’t be sacrificed, is storage capability. Any family or individual needs to ensure that there is enough space for pots, pans, plates and any assortment of kitchen utensils. Overcrowded kitchens lacking in storage feel uncomfortable and often unbearable if you have no room to cook. 

Having a practical kitchen also encourages better eating habits. If you create a welcoming kitchen then you are creating a space you will be happy to spend time in, meaning you will take more thought and care with meal planning rather than a quick fix which enables you to get back into the living room as quickly as possible. 

A New Bathroom 

Similar to the requirements of a working kitchen, a functional bathroom is a necessity for anyone. 

Potential buyers will probably be more swayed by a bathroom which has both shower and bath capabilities – some properties provide only a walk-in shower or only a bathtub, and sometimes this can make or break a sale for a person who prefers to have the option of both. Bathrooms should also be airy and light and, if possible, fitted with the most practical technology, such as low-flow taps and shower heads in order to limit wasted water and help the environment. These are also features which will add value to your property. 

You should also ensure that there is enough regular ventilation in your bathroom, especially if it does not have a window, such as through the means of a working extractor fan. 

A Suitable Mattress

This is a point often overlooked when thinking of updating a home. Many individuals concentrate on rooms looking lighter and brighter, and seating areas being more comfortable, but many people neglect the importance of a good mattress. People spend one third of their life sleeping – and this should be on the most comfortable mattress tailored for the best night’s sleep possible. Particularly for those with a bad back or other conditions, the right mattress can really make a difference when it comes to gaining valuable sleep. 

So if you’re thinking of updating your bedroom and are concentrating more on the look of your bed frame or headboard, take some time to choose the best mattress as well. Most mattress companies offer tailored advice in-store for the best firmness suited, with the option of trying it out before you buy. 

Practical Flooring

Hardwood or laminate flooring is a very popular and a practical choice for anyone looking to update their home. Most buyers tend to prefer laminate floor to carpet, too, at least in some of the rooms. However, investing in quality carpet can also be beneficial, especially if you’re looking to create a warm and cosy atmosphere during the winter. If you’re considering a fuller and thicker carpet, consider a light colour such as muted grey, beige or off-white, to help the room still feel bright and not weighed down with a dark-coloured carpet. 

If you prefer a darker carpet, you could use paler walls and accessories to contrast the colour.