5 Things to know before keeping a fish

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Saturday, March 20, 2021 - 6:53am

If you have ever had a pet, you know how immensely joyful of an experience it is in itself. To have a pet by your side means learning something new every day. And if nothing, well, there is always a sense of genuine happiness that you become entitled to - thanks to that little creature.

But, be honest, which animal's image popped in your head when you heard the term 'pet'? Must be a dog or something with four paws and fur, right? Well, let us burst your bubble - fishes make some really amazing pets as well. No wonder why as per a recent survey it was found that after dogs and cats, fishes are the top choice of people across the world when it comes to pets!

So, if you are looking forward to keeping a pet, we suggest you go for some exotic, beautiful fish. But make sure you figure out these 5 things before finally stepping out to get one:

1. What should be your ideal tank size

You cannot just bring a fish from an online pet store or walk-in store and put them in a tank. The tank size must be ideal for the fish. Besides, you also need to provide the fish with enough space that allows it to swim freely.

If you buy a tank of the wrong size, your fish will never thrive in it. In fact, there are even chances of the poor guy dying. So, what's the solution?

If you do not want a large-sized tank, go for a fish breed that doesn't grow much in size, like the Neon or Cardinal Tetras. However, if you want to showcase a large tank size, you can go for grand fishes like Asian Arowana or the Oscars. Simple!

2. Find out if the fish is aggressive in nature

First experiences should always be made up of happy memories. But, if you, being a new aquarist, unwittingly buy a fish species that is extremely aggressive in nature, you will have a hard time finding those 'happy moments'.

While aggressive fishes like the Arowana or Flowerhorn are a delight to watch, the truth is, they are not that easy to keep. Because of their aggressive nature, you will have a tough time feeding them. 

In fact, if you get too close to their tank, they will try attacking you. Sounds cute, until you get bitten in reality. So, make sure you do not get into buying a fish that is not friendly in nature.

3. Find out if it has some special needs

Thanks to the films like Nemo, we have long forgotten the idea of keeping a simple Goldfish as a pet. But beware, exotic fishes need exotic care! If you do not want to spend a lot on your fish, make sure you go for a fish breed that requires minimum or average maintenance.

Beautiful fishes like Discus or Clownfish have some special requisites like a heater, saltwater, and even a special type of food. If you do not want to get in this fuss, go for simple fishes like Angelfishes or Mollies.

4. The fish food

One of the most important things to take care of before going to buy a fish as a pet is figuring out what you must actually feed it. There are a lot of options when it comes to fish food. Which food you should buy totally depends on your fish.

While for some fishes, only dry fish food is enough, fishes like Arowana and other monster fishes require live food like shrimps and bloodworms. In fact, many fishes eat veggies too.

5. Will it get along with other fishes

Assuming you already have a tank filled with fishes of different types, when going to buy a new one, make sure it fits with other fishes in your tank. If your new fish isn't the most friendly one, then you will witness some really terrible moments as a fish-keeper on a daily basis.

Over to you…

Fishkeeping might be a hobby, but it is certainly not a child's play. Here, we listed the 5 most essential things you must know before keeping a fish. Go through this guide to become a successful aquarist.


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