5 Reasons Why You Should Work with an Interior Designer

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Sunday, April 4, 2021 - 6:56am

In this internet age of Pinterest and DIY crafting, we at Truoba Modern House Plans understand the desire to buck the norms and go it alone. But we also cannot discount the value, in price and in expertise, that a trained pair of eyes can add to your home design process, so we encourage you to reach out and find an interior designer who will work with you to turn your vision into a reality.

Still not convinced? Here are five key reasons why it’s your best bet to hire an interior designer to help you design your home.

1. Designers Know the Process

No matter how much research you do, some areas will leave you drawing blanks. This is when it will be useful to have a professional in your corner, to supplement your knowledge and add expertise to basic decision making. This will speed along the less glamorous aspects of designing, like dealing with contractors and construction, while still leaving you space to explore your creative vision for the look and feel of your space.

2. Designers Know the Details

While there’s nothing wrong with learning as you go, there is no substitute for a designer’s tacit knowledge when it comes to the minutiae. What kind of door handle will be best for that kitchen cabinet? What plumbing fixture will best suit your bathroom? How can you maximize space in your living room while still accommodating your preferred furniture set-up? A designer can help you with the specifics so you can keep your eyes focused on the overall vision.

3. Designers Know the Lingo

Just as lawyers speak in legalese and doctors speak in medical terminology, designers can speak about jacquard textiles, trompe l’oeil, settees, and wainscoting without missing a beat. You could indeed prop open a dictionary and do your best to communicate with the team of professionals who will execute your vision, it will save you time and effort to hand over the reins to a fuller team of experts without ever sacrificing the integrity of your vision.

4. Designers Know People

Struggling to find adequately skilled building contractors, architects, painters, and engineers? Designers have large networks that they maintain through a steady stream of projects. You could source all of these positions individually, but a designer can bring a team to the table on your behalf.

5. Designers Know What You Want

More important than anything else, the designer is hired to serve you and only you. No qualified designer will project their desires onto your space; instead, the designer serves as a mediator between your desires and what is possible to execute, paving the road for you as you walk down it.

Designers will establish clear lines of communication with your team, ensure that contractors and constructors are doing their jobs correctly, and supervise the architectural, conceptual, and physical design processes so that you won’t have to. This is not a luxury you’ll want to miss out on when it comes to building up your space.

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