3D window films: Why you should don your glass windows with these saving graces

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 8:49am

Glass windows never look dull again, thanks to the arrival of 3D window films in the market.

All establishments and households opt to use glass to create clear, minimalist windows. Whatever type of window people may demand, glass has always been the number one material that can fit perfectly on any screen. The clarity of its property is also a plus point as it allows the designers to mix and match it with any wall colors or curtain styles.

However, some varieties of glass windows have their cons, affecting the overall quality of the product. The imposing visual aesthetics they provide can come with disadvantages.

Still, you can conceal these drawbacks through the use of 3D window films.

While the products look like they can only add patterns on glass windows, they enhance glass performance while improving the material’s visual aspect. Thus, they can provide more benefits than expected.

What 3D Window Films Can Provide Aside From Design

A glass surface at home or business building is an ideal substance to stick these films into. Unlike other binding agents, window films are the easiest ones to be installed.

Some films come with different designs. Some have a nature-inspired canvas, while others boast distinct patterns. These can also transform windows into frosted-looking panels or provide a distinctive etched glass look. The safest side is that their designs can complement any decorations while still allowing enough light to come inside the space.

However, these products are more than the designs they can provide.

A window film can reduce the amount of solar heat absorbed by the glass from the outside. Its polyester metalized properties can absorb a massive percentage of the sun’s energy and ultraviolet rays. As a result, families can enjoy calmer and safer homes.

For commercial buildings’ part, the films can do the same assurance on health aspects. At the same time, the decorative options can also lower the company or store’s energy costs. The shading that the window films provide can dramatically regulate the heat inside — the essential factor in decreasing costs effectively.

Unfortunately, most glasses are prone to scratches, and you can't save all of them by using specialty cloths or chemicals. But films can keep everyone's day as they act as the protector of the glasses.

This scenario is where “better safe than sorry” comes in since window films can prevent this kind of problem. They can act as great additions to the performance and durability of glass windows, extending their life expectancy.

Lastly, safety and security are the most critical benefits 3D window films can bestow. Since these can act as binding agents of glass materials, people can prevent themselves from getting hit by shattered glasses due to human or natural causes. Those who stand outside the building cannot gain a clearer vision of what is behind the residence or commercial structure’s windows.

It only takes one application to achieve these things, and everyone has the choice to try 3D window films for themselves already.

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