Why Biggleswade is the Best Place for Families to Live

Authored by BHTNews.com
Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - 7:09pm

Biggleswade is a market town set on the River Isel in Bedfordshire. It is known for its convenient London commute, but there’s certainly more to this town than a train station. Biggleswade has plenty to offer both locals and visitors. What is about this market town that makes it a good spot for families?


It must be said that one of the main draws of living in Biggleswade is how close it is to London. Travelling from St Pancras to Biggleswade, on average, takes 45 minutes. The property company, CBRE, announced Biggleswade as the best value commuter town. So, for families looking for the best of both worlds - letting their children grow up in a town, but also have the city experience, this place could be the answer. Plus, it allows the parents to maintain their careers in London while saving money in the property market. 

Family Fun 

Away from the hustle and the bustle of the capital, Biggleswade is packed with family-friendly activities. Come rain or shine there are lots of weekend activities the little ones can enjoy. From soft play and craft cafés to adventures centres and woodland. Whether families fancy staying cosy indoors or exploring the outside areas, there is plenty to discover in and around Biggleswade. 

Historic Charm

Like many market towns across the UK, there is a certain charm about Biggleswade. There are plenty of places that both parents and kids will take delight in exploring. Shuttleworth Collection and Swiss Garden, Wrest Park and Wimpole Estate are easy to get to from the town’s centre. Any of these spots can make for a lovely day out. The vintage modes of transport in the Shuttleworth Collection have proven to be a popular spot. Did you know it has one of the largest collections of vintage aeroplanes in the whole country? 

Agriculture Roots

Biggleswade's history is rooted in gardening. Its fruit and vegetables used to be sold across markets in London, and it is still stocking supermarkets across the country. It’s easy to spot signs of this agricultural history all over Biggleswade. Food remains an important feature of the town’s life. There are lots of independent restaurants the whole family can enjoy. Plus, kids can try the traditional Bedfordshire Clanger, which is a sweet and savoury suet pastry. 

Biggleswade lends itself to commuting to London, but do not disregard the town itself. There is plenty there to create a fun family environment. Would you consider moving to Biggleswade? 


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