Top 7 places to visit in the UK during the pandemic

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - 12:08pm

After the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine has been approved for use in the UK and more people are being vaccinated, travel is on the mind after 360 days of lockdown. The tourist places plan to open in phases rather than opening up simultaneously. 

Some countries are easing the lockdown in phases while some countries are still planning to re-open. For your next vacation the local covid protocols will vary from place to place. Even if most people are vaccinated, there remains a possibility of many others not vaccinated yet. Hence following face mask, social distancing still remains a common protocol at all places.

Most of the avid travelers already have their travel list in mind. Some may have cancelled their earlier trips due to sudden outbreak of covid. For anyone who’s looking out for new places to visit post covid.  We narrowed down the list for the UK. Every single place listed in this article is worth visiting. 

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe making it a best choice while planning a weekend away in the UK. From England to Wales and Scotland. There are many beautiful places to visit in the UK, which will have been on the bucket list for many tourists. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted many travel plans and the lockdown that followed had many people in tear. But don't worry, we have got something to make your weekend break awesome.  If you have always wanted to visit the UK, let us guide you to the places you must visit to enjoy your visit to the max.

Here are, according to us, the top seven places to visit:

  1. Lundy Island

Lundy island is off the coast of Devon making it a perfect place to visit during the lockdown. They follow the policy of maximum occupancy of only 30 rooms occupiced at any time and some historic buildings are rented out to visitors who seek solitude. 

  1. Dedham

Dedham is located on the Essex-Suffolk border.  It's village style and riverside pubs are good reasons for not taking Dedham off your bucket list. 

  1. English Coastal path

Walking the English coast is an epic journey of contrasts. It is the longest coastal walking route in the world! This is a new walking route which follows the coastline of England. It is an epic journey, but a weekend trip to England would not be complete without walking at least some of the route.

  1. Ancient Stonehenge 

Stonehenge is one of the Earth’s oldest World Heritage sites. It was built as a place of worship more than 4,500 years ago and is currently a major tourist attraction for the numerous tourists visiting the UK. You can also explore Salisbury, a nearby city about 16km away from Stonehenge.

  1. London

What can you not find in London? Every tourist is advised to visit London if they really want to enjoy their stay in the UK. While in London, you can visit the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace (home of the Queen), Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden and the Natural History Museum. There are many places to visit in London, the list is endless. Every visit convinces you to go for another. 

  1. Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland

This is one of the most visited destinations in the UK. Besides the majestic Edinburgh Castle, there are several historic buildings you simply should take time to see, such as Holyrood Palace. If you are interested in shopping and dining, Princes Street or Grassmarket will suit you. 

  1. Shropshire Hills

The Shropshire hills are rich in wildlife and geology. Discover castles in this destinatoin, which is filled with rich history and heritage. Enjoy the valleys and the fabulous walks.

The UK has an endless list of things to do. Hop on a flight now and be grateful you did. Be sure to check what Covid testing and quarantine rules you need to follow on the website. But every week more people are being vaccinated, making the world a safer place again and as this continues in all countries across the world, travelling looks more realistic and these destinations will be waiting. 


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