Things to do in San Francisco on a budget

Why San Francisco?

San Francisco has relatively cool summers, so if you were hoping for Caribbean weather...keep hoping. The fact the weather is relatively cool, has many advantages for a traveller on a budget. Getting around the city is easy and no matter if you are undertaking an ambitious walk, or eating some local delicacies, chances are you will not have to battle or prepare for scorching heats. The Golden Gate city has so much to offer as you are about to discover.

The cool, yet surprising thing about San Francisco is that you can plan a whole week of amazing activities and not break the bank while doing it. You can easily do San Francisco with a budget of $10 a day! How? Keep reading and we will reveal all.

10 things to do in San Francisco

1. You cannot visit San Francisco without visiting the Golden Gate Bridge. This historical American landmark can be explored by foot or bicycle for free, yes, FREE! This 746ft, Steel giant is a must see. Wheelchair users can also experience this but some transportation like skateboards and roller skates are not allowed on the bridge, sorry, but I promise that by foot you can still enjoy yourselves. This is one of the most photographed Bridges in the world, so make sure you take your camera!

2. Japanese Tea Garden. This Tea Garden is stunning and a place to truly relax outside of the hustle and bustle of the City. Even better, if you plan this into your trip correctly, its FREE entry on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you arrive before 10am. A stunning morning sorted for absolutely no charge? Yes please!

3. Love Beer? Who doesn't? Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, there is a FREE beer brewery tour around San Francisco. You will have to pay for your own beer, but with free travel, local breweries each with their own unique story and beer... I think paying for a beer or two is not a bad deal!

4. Sailing! So you want a more sporty activity in your itinerary? The Cal Sailing Club offer FREE introductory sailboat rides! Places are not certain though, so the earlier you arrive on their selected days, the better your chances!

5. Twin peaks. This is a perfect opportunity to visit a naturally beautiful place. This is where the weather becomes an advantage, because hikes are much easier when the weather is cooler. The views are second to none and is a great way to get in touch with the natural wildlife. The walking is of course free! You will have to find a travelling method, but take a packed lunch and a camera and you have a great day and memories to last forever.

6. Fisherman's Wharf is a historical San Francisco must see! They have annual events such as the Fleet week. This place offers opportunities to experience boat trips, history talks, fun events and even bicycle rental to explore quicker. Going there is free, but depending on what you do when you get there, chances are you will have to pay for the services the Wharf offers.

7. The Palace of fine arts. This place is simply beautiful and completely FREE to explore. You will definitely need your camera and you will also need to take a packed lunch to enjoy next to the cool lagoon. This place will leave you lost for words and will also fill a good gap in your travel plans.

8. Want to stay more in the city? Then have a walk around the city. Sounds obvious, but if you really want to grasp city life with both hands you need to get to the centre of it. Find some gorgeous cuisines, architecture and activities while walking around the city. This can be as expensive as you want it to be. Fabulous!

9. Botanical gardens. You can explore this peaceful garden for only $8 entry, free for San Francisco locals though! Botanical gardens are always a pleasurable day out, with plenty of photo opportunities this place just has to be on your travel list.

10. Love Yoga? How about FREE yoga? The Grace Cathedral in San Francisco allows hundred of people from all nationalities, cultures and religions to come together to practice yoga. This stunning location is definitely an experience and a once in a life time location to practise such a graceful activity.

This list is just the start of what San Francisco can offer you. Be resourceful in your planning and cram everything possible into your travel time. Each of these examples show that you can take advantage of the city on a very reasonable budget and experience a wide range of activities. Don’t forget that you will need an ESTA authorisation that you can ask on the official government site, or through a specialised online agency like this one for a successfull esta application process guaranteed.