The most luxurious modes of travel for a special holiday

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted Thursday, June 2, 2022 - 6:23am

One of the key components to a luxury holiday is travelling in style - the added comfort and the overall experience is what makes you feel like you are on a special holiday before you even reach your hotel room. Just how extravagant you want to go with your travelling is up to your personal preferences and budget but if you are lacking ideas, here are some of the most luxurious modes of travel for your next special holiday. 

Private Jet

We are starting this list strong with perhaps the most expensive and luxurious mode of travel which is by a private jet. Now, most people don’t realise how easy it actually is to book a private jet for your holiday - that is as long as you are happy to pay the high price. However, the experience you will get travelling in a private jet is truly worth it for most. This mode of travel is not only fully personal and incredibly comfortable, but it’s also very convenient and time-efficient. You are essentially travelling on your own terms and you have a team of people there to look after you and your party. It can’t get any more luxurious than that.. 

Luxury Motorhome

Booking a luxury motorhome for your holiday is a great idea if you are planning to move around and explore the area a bit further but also want to feel settled in. A motorhome is essentially a prestigious moving hotel room. While it doesn’t sound like luxury, these motorhomes can actually get incredibly fancy with lots of added features for high comfort and a touch of high-end living. Expect to have a comfortable bed, a seating area, a TV, a nice shower or a bath and even a bar area. The design inside can be very sleek and luxurious, based on your personal preferences and you could even hire a driver for your holiday, so you can fully enjoy your moving apartment. 

First-class Train

Train is yet another mode of transport that most people are familiar with and that would never be associated with luxury. What most people forget, though, is that there are plenty of sophisticated, first-class train opportunities that provide an outstanding and high-end experience for its travellers. Not only do they have deluxe rooms with en-suite bathrooms but also a room service as well as a classy restaurant serving lush meals. This is a unique and romantic way to travel to your perfect holiday home with none of the discomfort associated with economy trains. 

A Cruise

Cruises are a famous travelling choice among millions of tourists every year for a reason. Luxury cruises are much more accessible and budget-friendly than some of the other modes of travel, yet they can provide just the same amount of luxury and exclusivity to your holiday. Enjoy the sophisticated interior, with high-end food and drink options all day, a variety of facilities for relaxation and different types of entertainment. This is a great option for those who want to be very social during their travels while also having a luxurious private space to retreat to when wanted. 

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