Is Japan an Expensive Destination for Hongkongers?

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 7:59am

Japan is the most attractive and popular country in Asia. Taking a trip here will be worth it. This is especially true for those countries that are expensive. Hong Kong is yet another highly popular place is one can enjoy great luxury and nightlife. But it is Japan that offers not only beauty but also the relaxation one needs.

Planning a Japan Trip

The cost of a trip to Japan from Hong Kong can never be overshadowed. All the landscapes, cultural sites, and relaxing spas you will come across make it worth it. No matter whether you want to enjoy the bright lights or the buzz of the big cities like Tokyo, Japan has got it all to guarantee the best trip possible. Make sure you read the requirements Hongkongers need to enter Japan here; It will ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Cost of traveling to Japan

Although Japan might seem like an expensive option for most tourists, it will be quite affordable for Hongkongers. So the majority of the tourists avoid visiting Japan. But in reality, it can be a budget-friendly option. Japan has now been seeing the fastest growth rate of tourism year on year.

Hong Kong, no doubt, can be quite expensive to live and enjoy the life there because of the strong economy. But when visiting Japan, you will get to experience a great time without actually worrying about the cost of enjoying your trip.

You can enjoy a trip to Japan for about $2242 for one month. This will include the cost of 3 weeks Japan rail pass that will allow you to travel anywhere you want. Remember the stay will increase the cost of the trip which will keep on increasing as you expand your trip. But it will come to around $1200. There are different facilities for you to stay and eat, which allows great convenience for the Hongkongers to enjoy their trip without actually worrying about the final cost of the trip.

Why Japan?

A trip to Japan for sure will be worth remembering and budget-friendly. No matter whether you are planning to visit alone or take a tour with your family, Japan is just a perfect place to relax and enjoy the great city life over there. This is especially true for the Hongkongers as the currency there will be quite strong. Thus they will end up saving money during the trip.

But you need to have clear information about your travel to Japan. You can read the requirements Hongkongers need to enter Japan here. It will provide you with clear insights about the visa and other essentials that will be helpful for you to enjoy your trip to the very best.

Japan is among the most beautiful countries you can experience. Thus it is worth visiting it at least once. Being so close to Japan, Hongkongers can choose to take a trip easily without actually worrying about the travel expenses or other things.


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