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How to stay COVID safe while travelling internationally

Authored by mwaleeds
Posted Monday, September 27, 2021 - 11:11am

Planning a holiday abroad? Check out those top tips before you jet off to find out how to make traveling during the pandemic as smooth as possible for you and your loved ones. As long as you have the necessary tools and you know what to do to avoid getting the Coronavirus, you will be safe while in other countries. Whether your travel is for business or personal reasons, there are ways to stay COVID safe while traveling internationally. 

Always wear your mask when outside

When you are traveling outside and abroad, always make sure to wear your mask. Don't remove it while you are walking or taking public transportation. Even if you are inside a building, in a meeting, or with a friend, wear your mask. 

Bring your alcohol or hand sanitizer

Bringing your own alcohol or hand sanitizer is also a must. If you can't wash your hands while you are traveling, sanitizing is the best alternative. You know that traveling brings you to temporary places, which, in most cases, have no access to the wash area except for the bathroom. Having a small spray container with you all the time can save you from the hassle of looking for an area to wash your hands.

Avoid going to crowded places 

Aside from wearing your masks and bringing your alcohol, you have to avoid a crowded place at all costs. If you don't have to go to a place like malls, grocery stores, or any closed establishment, don't go. Choose alfresco dining if you are eating outside. Choose a table with no other people around. If you have an extra budget to hire a cab, choose it over public transportation. Get away from the crowd as much as possible. 

Practice social distancing 

If going to places where there are a lot of people is unavoidable, make sure to practice social distancing. This is where problems arise. Some people are too stubborn to follow the rules. Distance yourself from people while wearing your masks. If it's not required to stay at one place with others, choose a location where you are away from the crowd. Again, make sure you are wearing your masks. Social distancing would not be effective if you are out there carelessly breathing without protection. 

Follow the rules

Following the safety protocols of the country where you are going can protect you from acquiring COVID when traveling. It doesn't stop there. Each restaurant where you dine, grocery stores where you buy your food supplies from, and the airlines you fly with have additional safety protocols that you have to follow as well. You shouldn't be too stubborn not to follow guidelines. It's for your own protection, after all. 

Travel with travel insurance

Lastly, travel with travel insurance. You will never know what will happen as you travel. Take note that some countries require travel insurance before you can enter their borders. Now that there is a COVID pandemic going on, these countries have strictly implemented the necessity of travel insurance. For example, the UK Government recommends that someone who is traveling should get travel insurance covering health and medical emergencies, adventure and sports events, and additional policies such as personal liability and personal accident cover. 

Anything can happen to you when you travel. The pandemic adds up to the risk you are facing when you are outside the home. It's essential to check whether your travel insurance covers COVID-related cases. Some travel insurance providers like Globelink International offers COVID cover for free and 20% off on COVID testing from a reliable provider. 

Final Thoughts 

Traveling abroad is safe if you know the right strategies to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus. Follow the tips above for a free travel experience. Don't forget to seek the best travel insurance while you are planning your travel. 


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