How to feel at home while on vacation

Everyone loves going on vacation: the time off work, the change in scenery, and the gorgeous weather. However, if you’re going away for a longer time than usual, or you’re visiting somewhere new for the first time, it’s easy to feel unsettled. Plus, if you’re traveling alone, it’s easy to feel homesick and lonely quite quickly. You might miss your home comforts, and as a result, not enjoy your holiday as much. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways you can make yourself feel at home, regardless of where you are in the world. From packing all your essentials to knowing your way around a city, here are some top tips to helping you feel at home while on holiday.

Pay attention to what you’re packing

The quickest way to making yourself miss home is not having everything you need with you. This might be quite serious, like not packing any medication or health supplements, or it might be more minor, such as not having your favorite, comfiest pair of walking shoes. So, before you go, start writing packing lists. Make a note of everything you use in your daily routine, and make sure it all goes in your suitcase.

Likewise, if you’re buying new clothes or shoes before going, try them out first! Wear them a few times before holiday, so that if you arrive and realize they either don’t fit, don’t suit you or aren’t comfy, you aren’t stranded in a different country with nothing to wear.

Packing a few home comforts will always make a difference. If you’re going on a long haul flight, take your favorite blanket to snuggle under during the journey. If you’ve got a few photos of pets or family members, tuck them into your wallet or purse. Plus, if you’re traveling alone, it’s a nice idea to take things that remind you of loved ones, like cards or music.

Know where you’re going

You feel so comfortable at home because you know where you’re going. You never get lost, and you never struggle to find nice places to eat or shop. However, when you go on holiday, you’re suddenly back to square one. You don’t know what areas to avoid, or which to visit. You might not speak the language. You might make cultural faux-pas. So, make sure you do your research before going. The more you know before you arrive, the more confident you’ll feel when walking around the streets and exploring.

Depending on where you’re heading off to, find the right travel guide for your situation. For example, if you’re off to Portugal, you could start with this Lisbon travel guide. Or, if you’re going on a road trip, find a guide that’s country-wide, rather than just for cities.

Don’t settle for budget accommodation

One of the easiest ways to feel at home while on vacation is to book the best accommodation you can afford. Saving money by staying in rundown hotels or hostels in unpleasant parts of the city will make you miss your home even more.

Read reviews, book in plenty of time to get cheaper rates, and if in doubt, head for an international brand of hotels. By going with one of these companies, you know you’ll get the same service as you do at home, even if you’re the other side of the world.