Exciting Prague activities to help you plan for a fun filled stag do!

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Posted Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 6:54am

Are you wondering how to spend the stag party? We gathered what Prague programs are worth trying out.

Prague is a city known all around the world for it’s beautiful architecture, delicious Czech food and, conveniently, it’s great beer! 

However, Prague also offers many delights for a soon to be groom and all his friends.  

Pre wedding Prague stag do activities are fast becoming a popular option due to the sheer variety of fun things to do!

Planning a stag party is not always as easy as it might first seem.  Not everybody has the same idea of what is ‘fun’.  Some guys think that a relaxing evening at a good restaurant is their idea of fun, while other guys might believe an action packed day filled with physical activities is the only way to really enjoy yourself.  

So first you need to think about the kind of men going on your stag do.

What activities would the groom want to do?   

What kinds of sports are they into -if any? 

What are the abilities or age range of the men going?  

Either way there are so many options available that there will definitely be something that the whole team will be able to enjoy.

Why Prague? 

Prague is also known as the ‘Fairytale’ city.  The Zodiac Astronomical Clock in the town of the city makes it feel like one has escaped from reality.  This makes it a perfect destination for a stag do! 

The beer that is produced in Prague is famous all over the world.  This makes it one of the best spots to find plenty of bars, pubs and clubs that serve cheap good quality beer.  

If your mates enjoy a good pub crawl or bar hop, Prague is the city for you.  

If, however you fancy something a little more slow paced, there are many places you can go to for those types of experiences too. 

Recommended Programmes For A Relaxed Group

Guided Pub Tour or Sports Bar & Burgers  great for those interested in the history of Prague and it’s variety of famous beers or those that will just enjoy a pint and a burger.  

A Traditional Dinner or Medieval Banquet for those who enjoy the local cuisine.  The restaurants in Prague serve their tasty Czech food till midnight.  This is a great way to start your night or end an adventurous day! 

Brewery Visit or Beer Tasting. You can plan a visit to one of Prague's old enchanting breweries.  Guided by a fun and professional local, you will learn about its history and brewing techniques and get to try some free pints! 

Programmes Pros:

  • You will get to learn more about this wonderful city.
  • It is a great way to start your evening and a relaxing way to end your day.
  • Good for men of any age or physical ability 

Programmes Cons:

  • Not a good option if your mates are hoping for some action
  • Most bar and restaurants close at midnight
  • Won’t be very interesting if your team does not enjoy history!  

If you think a stag do with more to do is what you will please your team, consider these other programmes available.  

Recommended Programmes For an Active Group

Bubble Football - For those that like to be active and have fun, bubble football is a blast!  With only your legs sticking out of a massive inflatable bubble you can play the maddest match ever!

Go-Karting - For everyone who enjoys driving, you can now safely and legally put the pedal to the metal and go as fast as you like! 

Rafting - For the most active of stag teams, you can choose to book either an Extreme or Fun river rafting experience on Prague’s Vltava river. All equipment will be proved for you and you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable and fun local guide.  

Programme Pros:

  • Perfect option for adrenaline junkies
  • Great for active guys that what to enjoy something different
  • Good for team building and bloke bonding! 

Programme Cons:

  • Not a good option for a groom that would prefer to relax
  • Not for men who are not very fit or active
  • Not a good choice for the day after a wild night out! 

Recommended Programmes For A Fun and Competitive Group

Neon Mini Golf - The bright neon effects makes this a mini golf experience your team will ever forget! 

Water Zorbing - Race your mates... inside a giant ball... across a river! 

Escape Room - Challenge your team in a race against the clock to crack the clues and codes to escape the secret room! 

Programmes Pros: 

  • Great activities for comparing your mates skills and wit.
  • A good choice for those who might not want to drink alcohol. 
  • These programmes are bound to get everyone interacting and having fun.

Programme Cons: 

  • Requires a medium to high level of fitness and abilities. 
  • Not a good choice if the groom is not a competitive person.
  • Not a good option for those who want to be able to drink during activities.

To ensure you get the best experience from your Prague activities programmes, make sure you know what everyone -especially the groom, will like and are able to do. 

Remember you can always ask for help from the professional organisers.