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Val Watson
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Posted Sunday, December 10, 2023 - 10:48am

Liverpool is a thrilling city to visit all year round, but arriving in this city in winter will offer unique opportunities you surely don’t want to miss. Winter in Liverpool is a very special time, as during that period, the city is alive with festive cheer, and both locals and tourists will have plenty of activities to try. Many outside experiences await you here, but there are also plenty of galleries and museums if you want to escape the cold. 

So, grab your comfiest coat and scarf and let’s explore together what Liverpool has to offer this winter.

Liverpool Christmas Market

The Liverpool Christmas Market is an annual winter market that gathers together the best holiday crafts and foods with plenty of other festivities. In the bustling market, you can buy various items, including artisan goods, handmade gifts and holiday foods. Festive offerings, including mulled wine, attract tourists and foodies, who also need to try the delicious food and sweet treats from the Bavarian grill. The vibrant lights and decorations are a reason enough to pay a memorable visit to this fantastic city. 

Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool is a fascinating location showcasing the history of Liverpool, its citizens and its impact on the world. The exhibitions are very varied, as you will find art, oral testimonies, botanical collections and archaeological materials. When visiting the museum, you will meet four primary themes that capture Liverpool as a Global City, a Great Port, a Wondrous Place and a People’s Republic. Then, these themes are separated into four gallery spaces with unique elements that tell the city’s story. 

Chavasse Park

Chavasse Park is an open space with walking paths, peaceful seating areas and landscaped gardens. Chavasse Park is the perfect spot if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the town and unwind a little in the fresh air. The park offers many activities, including seasonal festivals and nature trails with information about the local wildlife. 

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool is a famous art gallery home to a prestigious collection of art dating back to the 16th century. The gallery is located on the Royal Albert Dock, and here you will find amazing British art, with works from Henri Matisse and the Guerrilla Girls. In addition to the Tate permanent collection, you will also see temporary exhibitions and events. 

Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE is a huge open-air shopping centre where you have the possibility to shop from more than 160 stores. As in the winter, you need to buy lots of presents, this location is perfect to visit to find the best gifts for the whole family. Located on Wall Street, you will find both budget-friendly and luxurious shops, whether you are looking for electronics, clothing articles or toys for kids. Besides the shops, the place also offers the Odeon Liverpool ONE cinema, which is among the largest in Liverpool, with 14 screening rooms and more than 3,000 seats. Also, you will find a 36-hole mini golf centre where you can have a little fun after the intensive shopping session. 

You can always shop online if you don’t find the best gifts in this location. However, you need to be careful and only buy from websites you trust; otherwise, your personal information might be exposed in case a data breach occurs. This is not the best situation to find yourself, but if you are ever the victim of a data breach, search for advice from the experts at

Cavern Walks

Cavern Walks is a popular shopping centre with plenty of services and trendy boutiques that offer something for everyone. The Cavern Walks is located in the heart of the historic Cavern Quarter, and it takes pride in providing customers with a unique collection of designer brands and independent retailers, catering to every taste and style. You will find many shops here, including Vivienne Westwood, Cricket, Boudoir Boutique, Nail Nation, Kids Cavern, and the list can continue. After you have done your shopping, you can then grab something to eat and drink from one of the two local cafes, Chantilly and Lucy in the Sky. 

Radio City Tower

The Radio City Tower is an emblematic building in Liverpool, and you can visit the top for a panoramic view of the city. The tower is located in the St. Johns Shopping Centre and stretches about 121 metres above the town, so you will see impressive sights at every glance. From up there, you will glimpse at one of the most iconic landmarks, such as St. Johns Beacon, but you will also be able to see as far as Lancashire, North Wales, and even Blackpool on clear days. 

Central Library

Central Library is one of the largest libraries in the city, with a vast collection of documents and books and impressive architectural designs. The collection has been built for over 150 years, so you will find various rare books and well-preserved historical works. The library is located on William Brown Street, and if you visit it, you will have access to the Picton Reading Room, a stunning room with books from the floor to the ceiling, which is several floors high. Here, you can escape the cold and enjoy a few moments of tranquillity. 

Hotel Chocolat

If you want a winter treat, you can’t miss a visit to Hotel Chocolat, an amazing café that offers a variety of treats and hot chocolates. There is something for everyone, from classic hot chocolates to unique products like marshmallow-topped mochas and chilli hot chocolates. 

Are you ready to experience Liverpool this winter?

Winter in Liverpool will always be a special time of the year. During the best period of the year, the city is full of festive cheer, winter markets and plenty of food, making the time in Liverpool feel more special. From ice skating to shopping and cinema, you can try plenty of activities in Liverpool this winter. 


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