The best places in the UK to own a holiday home

David Humphrey
Authored by David Humphrey
Posted Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 7:58am

Having your own holiday home is a great luxury, and luckily, there are many wonderful places around the UK which are perfect for somewhere to escape to whenever you please. Many believe that a holiday home is too large of an expense, but it can actually be a smart financial move when you consider how expensive it can be to take the family on holiday on a regular basis. Plus, if you rent out the property to holidaymakers when you are not there, you can enjoy a healthy profit from your investment! A holiday home will give you somewhere that you can all go to for any periods in your life where you need to relax, celebrate or simply get away for a while. Below are four of the best places for a holiday home in the UK.


Cornwall is always a popular place for a vacation with families as there is so much to see and do, combined with a fun and friendly atmosphere. It is great for a second home because you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, relax on the beaches, explore the cool towns, try your hand at water-sports and much, much more. If you like to be by the sea, then you will struggle to find a more suitable place for a holiday home.


Yorkshire is another popular choice, located in the north of England, that boasts gorgeous rolling landscapes in the Yorkshire Dales along with pretty coastal towns like Whitby. It is a stunning part of England with lots to see and do for people of all ages and with different interests. Plus the booming tourism here means that a holiday home could be a great way to earn some extra money if you decided to rent it out to tourists visiting the area.

Lake District

Places do not come more beautiful than the Lake District, which is, understandably, one of the UK's most popular tourist destinations. It features picturesque scenery with the largest mountain in England, beautiful lakes, thick forests, and many great hiking trails. There are also many brilliant holiday lodges Lake District to buy which provide you with a base for going out and exploring each day or simply relaxing and taking in the lovely views.


The charming county of Dorset in southwest England is famed for the Jurassic Coast which reveals millions of years of geological history, which makes it a popular holiday spot. This is furthered by the inviting towns which are surrounded by England’s beautiful green countryside. There are many fabulous places for a holiday home here which will provide the perfect escape from daily life with plenty to keep you entertained on your doorstep.

A holiday home is a great purchase for those that like to have somewhere to escape to and make their own on a regular basis. In addition to providing you with your own place to go on holiday whenever you please, these can also be great earners when you rent them out to those that are visiting the area. The above are a few of the best places for a holiday home regarding tourism and inviting areas for relaxing and fulfilling getaways.

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