7 Best things to do in Gran Canaria

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Friday, January 14, 2022 - 7:53am

This beautiful island presents its visitors with a wide range of options for entertainment and enjoyment of a few wonderful days of relaxation, allowing them to disconnect from daily routines and the stress of work.

Its spectacular beaches and its privileged climate at any time of the year, allow for the practice of water sports and various activities.

On this occasion, we present a series of recommendations on the best activities to enjoy in Gran Canaria.

1. Water sports

If there is one thing you can do in Gran Canaria, it is to practice a wide variety of water sports that will allow you to disconnect from the rest of the world and from everyday life.

One of them is jet skiing at full speed. This is a very entertaining and exciting activity for families, couples or groups of friends to enjoy, while travelling through the waters at high speed and enjoying new experiences.

Kayaking in different areas of the island is another of the most popular activities, as it offers the opportunity to relax while practising this sport and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Canary coasts.

On the other hand, paddle surfing, windsurfing, surfing, flyboarding, parasailing, sailing, scuba diving, among others, are the other most popular water sports in Gran Canaria.

2. Skydiving

If you want to live new experiences that challenge your deepest fears a parachute jump in Gran Canaria will be a great option.

Gran Canaria offers this wonderful opportunity to enjoy an adventure full of emotions and a lot of adrenaline, offering truly paradisiacal landscapes while enjoying the jump.

In addition, you will be able to keep the moment of the jump and its course for your memories with photos and videos.

It is an extreme activity that can be shared with a group of friends, a couple or a family, you just need courage and the desire to live to the fullest.

3. Travel by Ferry

Another of the activities we can do in Gran Canaria is to travel by ferry and enjoy its wonderful landscapes from the boat, as well as to travel to other islands and get to know much more of the archipelago, taking full advantage of the visit.

These boats are very well equipped with cabins and services that make the transfer very comfortable, as well as allowing you to take your car with you to continue touring the other islands you visit.

4. Enjoy its gastronomy

Gran Canaria offers a huge variety of restaurants with different styles, where you can taste both international and local dishes, which will be a real pleasure.

5. Getting to know its beaches and coves

From the most popular beaches in the south of the island to unspoilt beaches and coves that offer more privacy and relaxation, you can enjoy the splendour of the entire coastline with its beautiful beaches, where you can spend pleasant moments.

6. Enjoy its nightlife

The island has numerous options of bars, discotheques, clubs and nightclubs, with excellent atmospheres and services, as well as good music, where you can enjoy the joy and fun of Gran Canaria.

There are different styles and tastes, as well as more exclusive gay areas towards the south of the island, around Playa del Inglés.

7. Hiking

For nature lovers, Gran Canaria has several mountain routes with impressive viewpoints, where you can go hiking and keep fit, either on foot or by bike.

In addition, this type of activity offers the possibility of exploring and getting to know places that are not easily accessible, which can only be reached by these routes.

It is also possible to get to a certain point by car and then go hiking or cycling.

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