The 6 Best States to Grow Old in America

It is not only in America; every elderly person requires great support and care. In addition, a good environment is advisable to help them deal with their conditions. Challenges such as low income, poverty, violent crime and high medical expenses affect old people in America. They require people who understand what they are going through, love, appreciate and accomplish their needs in time. There are states which are not favorable for the old but the 6 discussed below suits you during your old age.

The following are 6 best states to grow old in America

1.    Aloha state
It is one of the best states in which you should grow in. Make research on travel ideas and you will find that this is a place of no regrets. You will be able to mingle with other people of your age and discuss all that you have been able to achieve in your lifetime. In this state you will be able to receive treatment relating to your age since there are Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this state the social and economic factors favor you as you grow old. In addition, water as the main essential as you live and is in plenty therefore you need not struggle to search.

2.    Hawaii state
This is another top 6 best estates to grow old in. life in this state is very expensive whereby every household with an elderly person earns $58,150 annually. Being expensive does not hinder people from living here because there so many aged people. In relation to health, old people are supposed to take a healthy died whereby they are offered healthy living tips. The geographical location of Hawaii estate is in the middle of Pacific Ocean creating a very cool and fresh air especially during summer. The elderly people in this state are very healthy and are said to live longer than other elderly people living other places.

3.    Colorado state
This State does not have high population in comparison to others. Featured in a traveling ideas newline, this state has a 7.1% of the people who are poor. Therefore, 93.9% of the people in this state are doing well financially. This gives a conclusion that the people are not poor since the state is said to have very low population. People of above 65 years of age in this estate are degree and diploma holders and the level of unemployment is low. These factors are so welcoming to anyone who is educated since you are assured a job opportunity and will not grow old poor.

4.    New Hampshire state
It is another recommended state whereby you will not regret as you grow old here. All favorable conditions required by the old are present. Aging people do not like noisy environments which are also medically discouraged. In relation to healthy living tips too much noise may cause a headache and poor hearing in the aging people therefore, noise is not recommendable for the aging. The rate of poverty among the elderly is 5.1% indicating that most aging people are well financially which is a great motivating factor is. The best place to be in while you grow old should not be famous of poverty since an elderly person has so many needs that require money to solve.

5.    Minnesota
People, who are already old in Minnesota, are so many making it recommendable for you since in the presence of age mates you will not feel out of place. Though there are some drawbacks in this estate there are people who find it the best place to be as they grow old. In this state the life expectancy of over 80 years is among the highest in America. This state is said to have disabled people in plenty therefore, it is advisable for the disabled to grow old here. In relation to the healthy living tips, the aging people with disabilities are taken goods care of.

6.    Wyoming state
Financially this state is rated to be the best to grow old as compared to all other states in America. 6.2% is the only population in this state living with poverty therefore growing old here will be of great advantage. You will not have to rely on your children to feed you when you become old. It is embarrassing at times when you always rely on people to help you when you get old.

Plan your life early enough so that when you increase in age, you will rely on yourself. The above 6 states will suit you be when you get old. You need to choose the state that suits you well with fewer risks. Consider good environment, health facilities, water, age mates and other personal factors while choosing a state.


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