3 reasons people love Kent

David Humphrey
Authored by David Humphrey
Posted Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 1:05pm

With the world feeling more accessible than ever before, sometimes the UK can feel a little underwhelming for some. It’s easy to forget that Blighty is host to some of the most beautiful countryside worldwide, and has a reputation for having the greener grass - both literally and as the saying goes. Because of this, people are now making the most of the English countryside, Scottish Highlands, and Welsh springs over budget flights to Benidorm. Kent is no exception of destinations on the home travel list, and here is why people choose to stay there, sometimes permanently. So what is it about Kent that keeps it held in such high regard?

Top wedding location

For a place to be one of the top wedding locations in the country, you have to assume that the beauty of the area is to blame. Not just the beauty of the area, however, but also the sense that you’ve gone back in time. Why?

The castles Dover, Hever, and Leeds are three the more key historical landmarks out in the Kent area, sealing its heritage in England’s tourist guides, and making it one of the top choices for weddings yearly. Lovepear Photography is a perfect example of wedding photos in the Kent area, so if you want a well-seasoned photographer who understands the beauty Kent had to offer, they can deliver spectacular photography detailing you wedding day.

There’s a reason they call it Garden of England, and the beautiful vistas and surrounding greenery are proof of the beauty this county has to offer.

Best weather in England

Typically, the South-east has the best weather in England. This is just nothing more than the geography of the country, but it makes a significant difference to why people choose to visit Kent during the summertime with their family and pets.

The summer temperature averages at around 18 degrees in the summer and its coolest temperature of the year is 5 degrees. That’s not bad to say that cold weather is non-existent, however, it will be a lot warmer than a venture up North.

You could be confident in the fact that temperatures will not plummet in the way's that are seen in other areas of the country. Plus, you would only be a short drive from the iconic White Cliffs.

Cuppa on the White Cliffs

When you think of the White Cliffs of Dover, you can’t help but envision how these cliffs turned into a symbol of hope and accomplishment for the men returning from both World Wars. Even nowadays, the White Cliffs are incredibly symbolic and recognisable worldwide.

Its chalky white drops are recognisable by almost everybody, and you can even see France on a clear day. For all Britons who love tea, the White Cliffs has two tearooms available, meaning that you can sit on one the UK's most distinguishable landmark, and brew the stresses of your life away.

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