10 things to do in London for free

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Saturday, January 18, 2020 - 2:02pm

There are many beautiful countries in this world. Some countries are well known for their tourist attractions and some are renowned for their historical places. Many countries are making a good income annually just by tourist visits.  No doubt, it is very expensive to take a tour or to visit any country, but now there are some of the countries in which you can enjoy a lot of things for free. Yes, you have heard right! The surprising thing is that London is also among those countries that will not make your pocket empty.

If you went lack of budget, then just switch to French roulette online and gather some handsome amount for yourself just by winning the bets. According to Wikipedia, London is the third-largest city of Europe followed by Berlin and Saint Petersburg. There are many great and fabulous places in this ideal city that you can visit or can enjoy for free. If you are in London, then nothing is better than going for these things. Here is the list of top 10 things that you can do for free in London.

Top 10 best things to do for free in London

1)  Visiting the main attractions of London:

London has many stunning attracting places that are situated in it. Visiting to these places is cost-free and you will also have a good time there. They are also the best places to click perfect snaps to make people jealous of your London tour. According to Planetware.com, Here are some of the best tourist attracting places:

  • The war memorial
  • The famous London eye
  • Jubilee gardens
  • Big Ben
  • Westminster bridge
  • London Dungeon
  •  Waterloo bridge

2)   A walk through a national nature reserve:

Are you a nature lover? Loves the smell of soil and looking at different animals makes you excited? Well, all you need to go through an amazing walk. You will get great scenery of nature and will also find many different animals there, just like deer, mammals, bats, etc. If you are also having your family with you then this place is a perfect spot.

3)  Diana fountain:

While coming to London, you will see many royal parks. One of the best royal parks is Bushy park and it is well known for the Diana fountain. It is a great place for couples just because of its romantic eve. You will also find an excellent mixture of waterways, grassland, and deer in it.

4)  Regent’s Park:

Here comes another royal park that is famous for its open-air theater, a zoo, and primrose hill. Regent’s Park is a perfect spot for a picnic and you can play any activity you want. You can also do barbeque to eliminate your hunger along with enjoyment. You will get a fabulous atmosphere in this beautiful park, but don’t try to make it dirty otherwise, it will cost you a lot.

5) Museum of London:

One of the main reasons for the popularity of London is its free tourist visiting places. It is really unbelievable that you can visit multiple Museums here without spending a single penny. You will find a great art gallery and also many historical types of equipment there. If you love to learn about ancient people, then you should be visiting London’s Museums.

6)  Listening to multiple artists:

A walk-in street will also not going to get you bored because there are many singers or entertainers in the street who perform to earn some money. They are well-skilled, but lack of the opportunity. They will entertain you in a professional manner and your sadness will turn into happiness.

7)  Spotting the Bansky:

Spotting a Bansky is also one of the most exciting things in London. A Bansky was a street artist and he painted many walls of London. On tour let see how many Graffiti you can spot in London. If you are really interested in it, you can also join a Graffiti tour.

8)  Crossing the tunnels:

Looking for long walks? Just switch to the tunnels walk under the water. There are different tunnels under the Thames, but the most unique and oldest one is the Greenwich foot tunnel. It is approximately 10 minutes walk, but believe that it is going to make your tour full of joy.

9)  A seating with Roosevelt and Churchill:

This place is commonly known as Churchill and Roosevelt Allies Sculpture. It is basically a statue of both leaders and a single-seat space is between them where you can sit and have a stunning photo-shoot with both of the legends.

10)  Primrose Hill:

It is a part of Regent’s park and also the best panoramic view spot. The clicks that you are going to have here would definitely be better than any other place in London. A small coffee shop is also situated here and you can enjoy tasty muffins and delicious coffee from this coffee shop.


London is well-known for its ridiculous culture and beautiful points. There are many luxurious shopping malls, parks, and other places that we can visit. In this list, you will get the top 10 things that you can do free in London. So if you are lack of budget, then you should be following this list. The places like Big Ben, London Dungeon, and Waterloo bridge are worthy to visit. You can also have a great bbq time with your family or friends at Regent’s park.

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