Xenical 120mg Uses, Side Effects, Prescription, Dosage and Precautions

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Posted Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 9:01am

Xenical 120mg is a brand of drug that contains orlistat as an active ingredient. Due to its components, this medicine is for patients who want to lose some pounds of fat, especially those who have weight-related medical problems or obese persons. For you to achieve desired results, much is required from you while taking the drugs, like behavior change, working out on doctor-approved exercise, and reduced-calorie intake diet. All these activities, combined with the medication, will help you to lose weight faster. Excessive weight has health risks to your body and can lead to diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, among other conditions. 

Prescription Guide 

Read all the instructions written on the product's package, as that is a requirement before taking any medication. More so, over-the-counter drugs in cases of self-treatment. If you have a doctor's prescription, read the available patient information leaflet before starting the dose 
every time you go for a refill. 

Take your medication according to doctor's directions, by mouth with liquid. Within 1 hour after a meal or during mealtime in cases of a meal that contain fat. Usually, three times a day. 

When you miss a meal or take a meal with low-fat content, skip the dose of that hour. Taking dosage in such incidences will increase the chances of unpleasant side effects. Always embrace the intake of a balanced diet by providing protein, carbohydrates and fat across all the three meal times. Remember, not more than 30% of calories should come from fat. 

Do not use the drug longer than directed time, increase your dosage or use it more often than indicated. It will come with an increased risk of experiencing severe side effects rather than healing faster. It is vital to use a daily multivitamin supplement because the drug interferes with fat-soluble vitamin absorption. Take your supplement either 2 hours before or after taking Xenical 120mg

If you are on other medications like cyclosporine or levothyroxine, take 3 hours for cyclosporine and 4 hours for levothyroxine after or before taking orlistat to ensure maximum body absorption of the drugs. 

Side Effects Possible In Some People

Changes in bowel functioning. 
Fatty/oily stool, intestinal gas and discharge, oily spotting, increased number of bowel movement, among others. In case of persistence in the side effects, consult your doctor. 

Terminate using the drug in case you start having symptoms that relate to kidney stones and liver disease. 

Allergic reaction chances are lower, but in case you experience an allergic attack after taking the drug, seek medical attention 

Precautions and Awareness

Talk to your doctor for more details if you are allergic to the drug or any other allergies before taking orlistat. 

Tell your pharmacist or doctor about your medical history. It will help in making a concrete decision on whether the drug is perfect for you 

Do not use the medication when you are expectant or planning to get pregnant. And in case you become pregnant while on dosage, talk to your doctor right away. Also, consult relevant persons when breastfeeding and consumed the drug unknowingly. 

Do not share the prescribed medication with others. 

Drug interactions

Always consult your doctor before taking any other drug while on Xenical 120mg dosage, drug interactions can trigger severe side effects or change how your medication works in case the combination fails to work for your body. 


In case the patient experiences trouble to breathe or pass out due to excessive consumption of the drug call your emergency services or poison control center that is nearby. 

Missed Dose 

In case you miss a dosage then remember within 2 hours after a meal, take it immediately. And skip the dose if it is after two hours of the meal. 


Store every medicine away from direct light, moisture and at room temperature. 

Also, keep drugs away from children 

Discard the expired or no longer needed drug properly. You can consult your local waste disposal company or pharmacist on how to discard such medicines.