The unknown facts that nobody told you about CBD E-liquid

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Monday, February 10, 2020 - 7:43am

CBD e-liquids are defined by compounds that contain elements such as CBG and CBD, which are generally cannabinoids. Such compounds are mainly associated with relief from all kinds of chronic pains, seizures and fits. These compounds can also provide numerous nutritional requirements to the human body. Since these products don't contain THC, you'll not get 'high' one bit.

On the contrary, this legal high e-liquid in UK products do come with a drowsiness warning, should be noted and therefore should be proceeded with caution. However, since CBG and CBD are purely herbal products, you'll not risk yourself with an overdose warning, even if consumed in higher volumes. 

The CBD Facts That Nobody Likes To Talk About

1. Not The Same As Medical Marijuana

CBD is a short form for cannabidiol. Such a compound is found inside the body of the cannabis plant. It should be remembered that most of the CBD products that are being sold all over the world are generally made from hemp. Hemp is defined as a type of cannabis which is a botanical cousin to marijuana. 

It has been reported by various doctors and medical institutions that CBD doesn’t produce any intoxication. It’s the compound known as THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, that is responsible for making you high. Hemp has very little THC content.

2. It Has Many Other Forms

CBD is mainly sold as a liquid or even a tincture, which you generally place under your tongue. You can also smoke CBD via a vape pen along with cartridges containing CBD oil. You can also purchase CBD pills and topical creams as well. 

Some of the other CBD-infused products include ice-cream, bath bombs, cocktails, coffee and so on. It has been estimated that the total sales for CBD products will reach $1 billion by the end of the year 2020.

3. It Works Throughout The Human Body And The Human Brain

The CBD compound has been described as ‘neuroprotective’ by the doctors, all around the world. 

This means that they affect the nervous system which also includes your brain cells too. The compound mainly interacts with the receptors throughout your body, thereby helping it to fall asleep, relax and even block all kinds of pain signals too. 

4. The Compound Has Been Used Throughout Centuries

It has been found with the help of history books that CBD was commonly used as a medicinal alternative in the Asiatic continent, as far as back as 1800 BC. 

All the American medical journals which were published in the 1700s have already cited hemp roots and seeds for the treatment of skin inflammation and human body pain. 

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