Top 6 health benefits of Alexandrite

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 3:44pm

Since it was discovered in the Ural Mountains, alexandrite stone has been an object of fascination for all. As a rare gemstone, it not only carries high value but also loads of metaphysical properties that can change your life. The most distinguishing feature of alexandrite is the color transition in its appearance. It can change color under different lights.

You can admire its brilliant greenish hue in the natural sunlight or love the dramatic change to reddish tones under the artificial lights. Sometimes, it may appear to be mauve or brown in incandescent lights. The beauty apart, alexandrite helps to attune your body to the divine joys using its strong healing effects.

Here are the most captivating healing benefits of this stone.

Protects Against Blood Cancer

It is believed that alexandrite can induce the reduction of cancer cells inside your body to promote the increase in healthy cell count. Your body can renew and recover with reduced pain and faster healing abilities. When cell regeneration is effective, it accelerates the self-repairing capabilities to reduce the impact of leukemia.

Helps Deal with Chronic Disorders

Ancient crystal healers believed in the power of gemstone to channelize positive energies and heal the body. Alexandrite also possesses strong abilities to initiate the process of healing by restoring your physical energy. If you have a chronic illness or disorder, wearing this stone can help. It can purify the blood and strengthen the blood vessels to improve circulation throughout the body.

Relieves the Neurological Problems

Alexandrite stone is one of the few gems that can relieve neurological disorders, especially those triggered by hormonal effects. When hormones undergo transition, they can cause a lot of wreck and leave you nervous or depressed. Since alexandrite can soothe the central nervous system, it can resolve these neurological issues with ease.

When you wear this gemstone, your body secretes happiness hormones to keep you contended. It has a nootropic like effect, but this all comes from simply wearing the gemstone. Most importantly, alexandrite can also detoxify your body to rid it of harmful toxins and impurities that affect your blood.

Regulates Protein Digestion

Protein is essential for the overall health and growth of your body. It helps to repair the tissues and keep your body in top shape with a better immunity. However, not every protein is beneficial for your body. Hence, you need proper protein digestion initiated by your digestive systems by breaking proteins into amino acids. With proper diet, you can absorb more protein but sometimes you need an external push as well.

Alexandrite stone is a wonderful source for regulating protein digestion and absorption in your body. It can reduce deficiency of this essential nutrient and keep you healthy. Also, this stone can improve your metabolism and prevent any type of contraction caused due to neural issues or improper diet.

Stimulates Chakra Healing for Good Health

Holistic care is essential for a healthy body and mind. When the chakras in your body are misaligned, it becomes difficult to maintain both. But, powerful gemstones like alexandrite birthstone can help. It can balance and align the base chakra for various health benefits. When this chakra goes out of alignment, it makes you aggressive and unreasonable. But, the symptoms are relieved as soon as you hold an alexandrite crystal in you palm.

From reducing the effect of ADHD to awakening the spirituality and balancing the circulating system, it benefits your body in several ways. Also, alexandrite balances the base chakra for a better functioning of your pelvis and lower limbs.

Even the heart chakra can be balanced by wearing this amazing gemstone. Remember, when the heart chakra goes out of spin or balance, you will have emotional outbursts like sudden anger or jealousy. It may make you feel insecure, unloved, and in a constant need to reassure your self-worth.

But, when you carry an alexandrite in the form of a jewel or raw crystal, it connects the heart chakra with other chakras for the stage of homeostasis. As a result, you immune system works to the fullest and your heart get stronger. You will experience a better circulatory system.

Also, alexandrite can align and stimulate the throat chakra to ensure better speech, respiration, and breathing. Remember, if the throat chakra is imbalanced, you may become fanatical, self-conscious, or slow in your responses. Alexandrite, in this case will align the throat chakra to enhance your speech and creative abilities.

Lastly, natural alexandrite aligns the crown chakra to manage and heal the nervous and skeletal systems in your body. Instead of healing indispensible or disconnected, you can align your inner-self with higher forces for a vibrant energy around you. It will help in maintain a proper balance and improve your intellect as well.

 It is undeniable that alexandrite stone symbolizes power, prosperity, and overall health. The healing benefits of this gemstone can purify and renew your body for better functioning. It can balance your physical and spiritual sides for strengthening your well-being and emotional abilities.

Selecting the Right Quality

The process starts with selecting the right stone and wearing it property for sustained benefits. Chakra healing relies on the purity of the gemstone’s composition to show effective results.

Whether you wish to wear alexandrite as jewelry or carry a raw stone in your pocket, finding the best quality matters the most. Like any other precious gemstone, the quality of alexandrite depends on the following factors:

  • The authenticity of pure gemstone depends on their origin. Alexandrite mines in Russia turn out the best quality of this gem, though it is also mined in the countries like India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Brazil. Indian alexandrite stones are next best in terms of quality.
  • Color of alexandrite shifts from greenish to reddish tones under varying lights. You shouldn’t buy online alexandrite unless you find this property and witness the color shift in its full glory.
  • Alexandrite is typically a type II transparent stone with a few visible flaws. The quality and price of eye-clean stones with faded inclusions are much higher than the tarnished ones.
  • Prefer the gems that are faceted with the proper cut to show off their color change. Stores like GemPundit has a huge variety of alexandrite stone with brilliant cushion, square, oval, or round cuts to maintain their color effects without losing excessive weight.

With these quality considerations, you can avail of the health benefits of natural alexandrite for an overall life improvement.

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