Things you should do to turn concentrates to E-Juice

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Posted Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 1:47am

One of the most effective ways of consuming cannabis is by using a vape juice. When compared to smoking and edibles, this method is safe. Moving a step further, you can separate both the THC and CBD compounds to get a heightened “high” impact.

Now the extract is what we refer to as concentrates. Getting the right concentrates should not be a problem. The issue, however, can arise when you need to learn how to prepare it like a professional.

If you want to know how you can do it, then this article provides you with details of all the things you should do when you want to turn concentrates into e-juice.

THC vape juice works

Fundamentally, vaping is very useful. With a good vape pen and a well-prepared solution, you can dose it according to your preference. Smoking dabs and buds may not provide that quality.

Consequently, THC, when alone, flows into the bloodstream immediately. You will begin to feel the effects quickly because of one main reason: CBD amounts are low by now. The organic compound lowers the effect of THC. Retailers add small amounts of CBD to pre-filled cartridges to reduce the effects of THC.

 Vape juice is also not harmful. In its vaporized form, the smoke you inhale comprises of small droplets. Thus, it is a safe method of consuming marijuana.

For you to get the right THC for your needs, here are several things you should do.

1. Buy the right THC concentrate

In the THC market, you will have to choose between the wax and the distillate. Wax should be in a solid or semi-solid state; while the distillate consists of thick oil, which is in liquid form. The distillate could also be colorless or consist of a golden color. It depends on the method of preparation.

While buying, what matters is the amount of THC and terpenes present in the concentrate. If you buy a THC extract with high amounts of about 80 percent, then be sure that a few puffs will contribute to a significant high. If your main aim is to get high, ensure that the THC content is not less than 50 percent.

2. Store it properly

If you want to fail at preparing the THC e-liquid, ignore storage. How you store the extract (whether solid or liquid) will matter.

THC does not like interaction with light. It is the reason that most retailers provide a parchment paper to guard it against exposure. Keep the extract encompassed until the day of preparation. If it interacts with light, it will decrease in the amount of THC and other essential oils each minute you expose it.

After preparing the e-juice, it is also proper that you store the extra amounts in dark-colored bottles. It should also stay away from light and moisture.

3. Learn to prepare the vape juice like a professional

If you have tried to use pre-filled cartridges before, you already know that they may not provide the experience you would want for your vape juice. Hence, learning to prepare your own will save you money, and you will be able to enhance it to your preference.

While preparing the vape juice, several things are vital:

-        Add the right terpene and diluent amounts always. Do not go overboard. Otherwise, you will dilute the entire e-liquid. You can rely on the manufacturer’s mixing calculator so that you know how much will be enough

-         Do not overheat the final blend. Use a maximum of ten seconds to avoid vaporizing most of the THC within the concentrate.

-         If the final mixture is still thick, you could always add a thinner, which could be your wax liquidizer or terpene. Add them in small amounts to avoid diluting the e-juice.

-         Prepare what is enough. You do not have to prepare a lot of it unless you have the required bottles to store the leftovers. Making fresh vape juice is the way to go. Furthermore, it does not consume much of your time.

Final remarks

When you compare vape juice to other methods of consuming THC concentrates, it will always be the best option. Additionally, it is safe for beginners; you do not have to inhale toxic smoke, and dosing it is easy.

Since preparing the e-juice is a simple process, you should rely on this method. Additionally, you are free to try out as many flavors using terpenes and wax liquidizer. As you add, though, ensure that you do it accurately.