The step by step process on how Invisalign works

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 2:09pm

When you are about to get your Invisalign braces, you may wonder what the step by step process may be. We have decided to spell out the Invisalign braces procedure and what to expect.

Dental Consultation

It is advisable that before you decide on which orthodontist and treatment that will be suitable for you, you need to run some form of research. After that, have a dental consultation set up, where you will speak to a licensed orthodontist. The orthodontist you use must be well versed in the Invisalign treatment procedure. It is important to note that not every orthodontist out there has the needed training to carry this out.

During the dental consultation, the dental implant dentist will look at you, ensure X-rays are taken of the teeth. He or she allows you to know if Invisalign treatment will work for you.

A Treatment Plan Is Created For You

After the consultation has been done, you are now sure if Invisalign will work for you or not. The orthodontist will have your teeth's impressions taken out. With that, the right treatment plan is created for you. The dentist will go on to form the digital 3-D image of your teeth. With that, he maps out the varying positions that the teeth positioning are.

Using this procedure means that every tooth won't be moved at the same thing. What happens instead is that the doctor will have some of the teeth moved at one time. 

When this is done on adults, it is expected to take around a year or so. As for teens, this is expected to last for a similar period with what is expected of metal braces.

Put on your clear braces.

After this, clear plastic aligners are created from BPA-free plastic. These are different from metal braces, meaning that you don't have to worry your head about them irritating you or cutting into your cheeks. 

Immediately you have your Invisalign braces, you are expected to wear them daily, and they are convenient to wear. You can have your Invisalign braces removed whenever you want to floss, brush and eat, without stress.

Let's say, you are into sports and need to wear mouth guard, it won't be easy if you had metal braces on. For the case of Invisalign braces, you can easily remove them to ensure that the mouth guard is well fitted.

It is advised that Invisalign braces be worn for over twenty-one hours daily to ensure that you get the right results.

You will need a brand new set of aligners after every two weeks

To ensure that the straightening occurs quickly, you will be given brand new aligners after every two weeks, dependent on what the treatment plan is. Sometimes, you may be given the aligners weekly.

As time goes by, your teeth will begin to become straight, allowing you smile as much as you want.

With this process, your dental implant dentist will control how the process is timed, as well as the force put there.

Have your checkups done in every six weeks

It is advisable that you carry out checkups with your dentist regularly.

After every six weeks, the dental implant dentist looks at the progress of the process to see if it is going as planned based on the treatment plan. If the plan is not working well, it is amended.


Ensure you uphold the tenets of proper hygiene

Whatever you do, it is advisable that you follow the tenets of proper hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth daily, and watch what you eat.

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