Pros and Cons of a Hollywood Smile

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - 11:25pm

The Hollywood smile is undoubtedly a dental procedure that makes your teeth look good and in perfect condition. Many people undertake the Hollywood smile procedure because it's fashionable. Remember, it was nicknamed the Hollywood Smile because only celebrities in the movies could afford such a white and perfect dentition. 

This dental makeover has recently become popular and affordable for most people. Even though the benefits of this dental procedure is enormous, it has some cons you need to know. Read and learn about the pros and cons of this dental treatment. 

Pros of Hollywood smile

The idea that a Hollywood smile is mainly a cosmetic dentistry operation is false. Studies have shown that this procedure helps improve a person's dental care and overall well-being. Interestingly, below are some of the pros of this teeth makeover you should know.

Straight teeth

One of the dental procedures that can fix your overcrowded teeth is this procedure. Many people have crooked teeth and most are in different shape, size and length. This type of dentition can make you lose confidence especially if you love to smile. The appearance of your teeth will not be pleasing to the patient. Your teeth can be straight again after undergoing this proceed.  

Bright and whitened teeth

Aside from other dental issues, most people have discolored dentals. Most often, discolored teeth are caused by your eating habits or the kind of medication you take. One of the causes of yellowish teeth is drinking too much coffee or other beverages. In addition, smokers barely have white teeth. Studies have shown that smoking not only causes damage to your important organs but it discolors your teeth very fast. The best remedy for discolored teeth is whitening. Meanwhile, you must quit smoking and drinking coffee after whitening your teeth. 

Filling your teeth gap

Imagine eating food, and it will always infiltrate your teeth. When food infiltrates your teeth, it causes discomfort, and eating becomes tedious. A tooth gap is not entirely a big deal, but it becomes an issue if it is too large. Also, tooth gaps cause an unfavorable appearance of your teeth. You need to use floss all the time to clean your teeth immediately after eating because of the gaps. A Hollywood smile procedure can fix the tooth gaps and make eating food less stressful.

High self-confidence

The arrangement and color of your teeth will affect how you smile and interface with people. Your smile will be shabby if your tooth is discolored or not straight. Studies have shown that people who have perfect dentition are likely to be more confident than others who don't. Also, good teeth improve your appearance and make you feel better when you are talking with people. This dental makeover can improve your confidence by helping you smile properly.

Enhances your romantic life

Your partner may not always want to kiss you because your teeth are not straight, discolored or not attractive. Kissing is a good way to connect with your partner romantically. That may not be possible if your teeth are not in the perfect shape. To avoid missing out on kissing with your partner, you can undertake this procedure. Remember the main idea of this procedure is to boost your confidence. 

Cons of Hollywood smile

No matter how good a thing is, it must have a few disadvantages. A Hollywood smile offers improved overall dental health, but it still has a few cons you should know about. Some dental experts shy away from explaining the disadvantages of this treatment to their patients. Below are a few cons of this teeth makeover you should know.

Cost of a Hollywood smile procedure

The most common cons of this treatment is the cost of this dental procedure. In most states, only the rich and VIPs have the financial capacity to undertake this procedure. This dental procedure is not cheap; you may need to plan for it if you live on a budget. Meanwhile, dental clinics like offer Hollywood smile procedures at an affordable cost with no compromise on quality.

Lose your natural shape of teeth.

A Hollywood smile procedure will alter the natural shape of your teeth. Altering the natural shape of your teeth may become a challenge if the procedure is not carried out by a professional. A good dentist will ensure that the alteration of the natural shape of your teeth doesn’t cause discomfort or any health danger. 


The advantages of a Hollywood smile procedure far outweighs the disadvantages. However, the major thing is to reach out to a dentist that knows a lot about this procedure. Don’t travel to other countries where it may be done cheaper, but their professionalism is not certain. Finally, a Hollywood smile is good for your dental health but ensure you reach out to an expert.

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