Massive Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Weighted Blanket

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Sunday, February 9, 2020 - 2:22pm

Weighted blankets have become more popular over a recent couple of years because several people vouch for its effectiveness, not only in providing the comfort that one needs for a peaceful sleep, but also for helping reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety. Apart from this, here are other reasons why you should invest in a pressure blanket:

Alleviates restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is the tingling or creeping sensation felt in the legs of a person, which often worsens when they lie down. As a result, a person may have difficulty sleeping because even if the sensation is not necessarily painful, the condition is quite annoying. A weighted blanket greatly alleviates this condition because of the pressure placed over the legs.

This condition is generally experienced by the elderly, whose sleep and wake cycle are greatly affected by different conditions they already go through because of age. Thus, this specific type of blanket will definitely help them sleep better at night.

Help treat insomnia

There are several studies that show that a special blanket that puts pressure greatly helps in reducing insomnia. According to the sleep experts behind Mela Comfort, therapeutic blankets, or pressure blankets provide a sense of warmth and safety that helps the body relax. This will create a suitable environment for you to rest, resulting in a greatly improved sleep quality.

Aids in sensory processing disorder

Sensory challenges are often caused by several signals sent by the human senses to the brain. A sensory processing disorder has often resulted in panic and anxiety attacks. This is often apparent to children diagnosed with autism. A weighted blanket will greatly help children suffering from this disorder to calm down because of the feeling of being hugged.

In the same manner, people with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome, can also benefit from a therapeutic blanket because the deep pressure stimulation it brings has been found to create a calming effect. This is because a pressure blanket seems to recreate a hug. As a result, the lack of focus, restlessness, and impulsiveness due to the release of serotonin and melatonin can be significantly reduced.

Relieves anxiety

Specific blankets that offer therapeutic benefits are now widely used as a part of treatment to address certain mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. This is because pressure blankets greatly reduce the stress levels experienced by a person, putting him or her in a better state of mind wherein they will have the opportunity to think clearly and effortlessly handle different scenarios. Nevertheless, keep in mind to use the blankets in conjunction with the medicines needed for the treatment to ensure a successful result.

To wrap things up, if you don’t own a weighted blanket yet, perhaps now is a good time to consider investing in one. Aside from the benefits in treating certain conditions that you can get from it, you will be guaranteed a restful sleep. Not only this, but this certain type of blanket can also provide you with the comfort you need to be able to get through a cold and long night.