Invisalign in Malaysia can cost less than braces

Invisalign can cost less than braces in Malaysia

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Monday, May 23, 2022 - 7:03am

A treatment of Invisalign aligners may cost less than braces in Malaysia. Although that's a bold statement, it can be true when you factor in all the hassles and headaches, missed opportunities, and extra cavities caused by traditional braces being unable to be removed. Let's break it down and consider the reasons that don't show up on your bank statement for considering an Invisalign treatment instead of braces. 

Less Hassles and Headaches

Although people with minor tooth straightening issues may avoid them, braces can entail wearing exterior devices like headgear and face bows. 

These contraptions can seem unsightly and embarrassing to a teenager or young adult. They also cause issues with eating, particularly in a social situation where everyone wants to display good table manners while enjoying themselves. 

While you see less and less headgear these days, it’s still used in even moderate cases of orthodontic treatment. Invisalign does away with headgear and allows every user to always look their best. 

Missed Opportunities

More and more young adults are turning to an orthodontist for teeth straightening to improve the image they present. But wearing braces can close as many doors as a straight white, gleaming smile can open. 

People who make their living in the public eye on television or on stage need to present the best smile they can. People who often make business presentations or serve as a company's spokesperson also need to pay attention to their public image. 

These people can’t afford to be side-lined during the time they’re wearing braces on their teeth. But no brand wants to hire a spokesperson who displays a mouthful of metal when they smile. The simple fact is that wearing traditional braces can cost people jobs. 

Invisalign offers a simple solution to the braces problem faced by models, actors, singers, lecturers, presenters, and corporate spokespeople all over the world. An Invisalign aligner can simply be removed when these people do their jobs and replaced after their presentation. 

Additional Cavities

The semi-permanence of braces can cause havoc to your dental hygiene. Braces perform their job by being connected to each other by wires. These wires are generally attached to the individual steel bands by elastic bands. 

The wires, elastics and steel bands provide countless nooks and crannies for food particles to hide in. Even the most diligent braces wearer has problems getting into all these nooks and crannies when they brush their teeth. 

Most people see a rise in the number of cavities when they are wearing braces because of these tooth-brushing problems. And visits to the dentist become more expensive with each cavity you have. 

Invisalign Offers a Better Option

In each of these scenarios, Invisalign aligners offer a much better option than traditional braces. And by factoring all the hassles, lost opportunities and additional cavities caused by wearing steel braces, having an Invisalign treatment instead can actually save you money and maintain your self-esteem while you’re having your teeth straightened. 

If you are a candidate for teeth-straightening, contact Sim & Hooi Dental Clinic to find out if having an Invisalign treatment is the right choice for you. 


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