How many sets and repetitions to do for the muscle growth?

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - 5:53am

Actually, the beginners not always know about which workout programs are more effective for the muscle growth. A lot of beginners looking for the answer to the question relating to the number of sets and repetitions. These sets should increase the muscle growth and at the same time weight loss. It has no sense to do individually. By the way, you should follow the recommendations of specialists proven by time and practice. Also, there are situations when you can’t lose weight at all. In this case, you need to find the main causes of problems with weight. Losing weight requires a combination of regular exercise, healthy eating with portion and calorie control, and drinking low calorie fluids such as water.

Nowadays, the optimal number of repetitions in every set for the muscle growth varies between 8 and 12. The given standard appeared in 1954 by a bodybuilder. Furthermore, the relevance of the given theory has no doubts in our days. According to the results of research of one of the American universities, the athlete needs to do 4-6 repetitions for the increase in muscle mass. Also, your muscles will grow faster, if you will use bodybuilding supplements. provides great bodybuilding supplements which help to increase the muscle mass and also to lose weight.

In fact, a lot of new useful information was received about the features of the human body, as well as about the muscles. In conclusion, we can say that the efficiency of muscle growth gives combinations of different ranges of repetitions.

It is well-known fact that muscles grow during the rest. By the way, bodybuilders use three main strategies to maximize muscle hypertrophy: strength training, specialized nutrition, and adequate rest.

Different diapasons for the muscle growth

There are 3 main diapasons of repetitions for muscle growth:

  • Low — from 1 to 5 times.  In this case, you work with the maximal weight and high load on the muscles. The given workout affects myofibrils contributing to the formation of more. If the number of myofibrils is high, then more strength can be regenerated by the muscles. The low diapason is good for the increase of strength indicators. It impacts on the mass growth.
  • Medium — from 6 to 10 times.  The muscles get the moderate load during the 30 seconds. By the way, this diapason is the most effective for the muscle growth. However, the work with this number of repetitions without alternation will cause that the strength and endurance will not develop.  
  • High— more than 11 times.  The load on the muscles lasts during a long period of time. It allows increasing the concentration of mitochondria. They produce the energy of structures present in muscle tissue. The higher their number then the endurance is greater. In fact, this diapason is used for achievement of pumping.

How many repetitions should I do for the muscle growth?

Experienced bodybuilders recommend doing at least 3-4 sets for one exercise, which need to perform at least 3 for each muscle group. It is necessary to do 9-12 approaches during one workout for each group of muscles. Only in this case will be the growth and progress.
The leg training differs from the working process of the upper body muscles. It needs the increase in the number of sets and repetitions. When you train for the muscle growth of legs then you need to do more than 15 repetitions. Some of the professional bodybuilders recommend doing from 20 and more repetitions.

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