How to Keep Looking Youthful

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Authored by Claire Small
Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 8:53am

Staying youthful is a quest for many people all around the world, and it’s a multi-million-pound industry. With this mind, be wary of some of the expensive products that are sold as being youth-enhancing and those that promise to fade wrinkles and keep you looking twenty-something well into your forties. Don’t be afraid of aging gracefully, as all too often, cosmetic procedures can go wrong, and you can end up unhappy and wishing to go back in time. 

Prevention is better than cure, so rather than focusing on having Botox, for example, start looking after your health and your skin from a young age. To learn how to do this and keep looking youthful, read on. 

Ditch The Bad Habits 

You knew it was coming; smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol has got to go. Smoking is one of the worst practices you can engage in for your health. It’s been shown to cause cancer, premature skin aging, tooth decay and loss, as well as lung diseases, to name but a few. You need to wean yourself off the cigarettes if you want to stay looking young. 

Drinking alcohol dehydrates your body, which in turn leads to a loss of vital minerals and vitamins that keep your skin looking youthful. It can also disrupt hormone balances, as well as cause inflammation, redness of the skin, irritation, and cell damage. It’s time you stopped. 

Exercise Daily 

Exercise for at least thirty minutes a day – get your blood pumping and rushing to the surface of your skin. It enables you to sweat out toxins and encourage new cell growth. Once you’ve worked up a healthy amount of sweat, be sure to wash your body clean and enjoy a good night sleep. 

Pay Attention to Your Diet 

Ditch the sugary, fatty foods, and fast food in favour of fresh vegetables and fruits. Stick to organic produce if you can afford to, but if you can’t, then at least try growing your own in your garden or the windowsill of your home. Stay away from red meats as much as you can, as well as overdoing it when it comes to eating fish. Fish, unfortunately, can contain high levels of mercury which wreaks havoc on your health. With this said, however, you can still eat fish responsibly and try to incorporate some into your diet as it’s high in healthy fats and omega 3. 

Your body has many requirements in terms of vitamins and minerals, so cater for it by taking supplements if you’re struggling to consume all of the essential nutrients it needs routinely. Browse through to get a better understanding of what you need and how to get it delivered to you. 

Beware of The Sun 

Sun damage is, quite simply, the quickest way to see premature aging. Allowing yourself to get burned in the sun will ensure that you see pigmentation, premature lines and wrinkles, and dullness way ahead of your time. So, in order to prevent and combat this, always wear sun cream if you’re going to be exposed to long periods of time in the sun, wear a hat to cover your head and back of your neck, and stay continually hydrated.