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How to Clean Dental Bridges

Euan Langley
Authored by Euan Langley
Posted Thursday, March 24, 2022 - 7:28pm

Many people around the world including the UK suffer from dental afflictions, and in those instances, they might need to have work done so as to deal with any issue that they might have with their teeth. 

Good dental hygiene is always important regardless of whether you have had work done to your teeth or not. If someone suffers from having a tooth missing, or even several teeth missing; then it is very possible that a dentist might decide that there is work that could be done to deal with that issue.

Such as a dental bridge (also known as a pontic); this is when a fake tooth is put in the gap to try and ‘bridge’ the space, giving the person the look of having a full set of teeth as well as having the function of the teeth again.  

The teeth on either side of the gap are used to hold the fake tooth in place, and they are also typically made of porcelain and in a matching colour so that they are invisible and blend in with the already present teeth. 

It is important that when you have this dental procedure done that you follow the best cleaning practices so that you are able to take adequate care of it. It is incredibly important to note though that you should follow the advice of a dental practitioner or expert, and if you are in any doubt about something check in with them first before you do anything.

The pontics themselves won't decay over time as they are artificial, but it is important that you keep good hygiene practices with them as they will build up bacteria and get dirty if they are not cleaned properly. 

There are several different types of bridges but what's important to think about is if they are removable or not, as that will alter how you take care of them.

If they are removable then you will most likely (unless instructed otherwise by your dentist) be brushing and cleaning as normal.  Since they will be permanently in your mouth you will need to clean them while you are cleaning your teeth normally. 

This means brushing twice a day and trying to make sure to floss on a regular basis.  Also, it is probable that you should be using a soft bristle brush without a need to scrub hard if you maintain a good oral routine. 

If they are removable then you should still be brushing regularly that doesn’t change but you will also need to remove them and clean them frequently as well. It is also important to note that you should really try not to drop it when you take it out as it will most likely break if it falls. 

Brush the teeth with a soft bristle brush like normal with a specifically designed cleaner, if you use a normal household cleaner that you would normally use on porcelain then you might damage them. Make sure to rinse them under cold water as well, also make sure that the water is fresh and clean.

Most importantly though, always follow the advice of a dentist or dental expert as they have the training and expertise to make sure that you are doing what is correct and needed. 

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