Is the HCG Diet dangerous?

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 5:34am

Glad! You asked the question. The answer to the question should be straightforward. It depends on many things, including your health condition, dosage, types of HCG, and the like. If you load with HCG in your body excessively, you are sure to experience many side effects of HCG. Conversely, visiting your physician and then start consuming HCG diet drops accordingly will benefit you in many ways too.

So, whether HCG is dangerous or not is a relative matter that incorporates many health-related issues. Uncover The Cure is such a place online where you can get more details about HCG.

Though the answer to the topic is pretty simple and can be given in one sentence, you need more research to know the core elements of it. Yes, this article will take you to dig deeper so that you have no queries left regarding this topic.

What is HCG?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a popular weight-loss supplement among those who want fast weight loss. It is available as a form of injections and drops. It is a hormone that produces in women's bodies during their pregnancy. 

It helps to lose weight very fast even without making you hungry. It is a very low-calorie diet plan that allows you to consume only 500 calories per day. All it can do is to lose your weight fast because of having extreme low-calorie in your diet plan.

How does HCG help you lose your weight?

It is said that HCG has some proponents that help to boost metabolism in your body resulting weight loss. It is an ultra-low-calorie diet plan. When you are on the diet plan, you are only allowed to consume 500 calories each day. It has three major steps to accomplish. These phases are the loading phase, weight loss phase, and maintenance phase. 

On the other hand, studies show that people lose their weight due to the diet plan of HCG. If you take only 500 calories per day without HCG, you will end up burning a huge amount of fat from your body resulting fast weight loss. HCG can keep you full and it never let you feel hungry.

Let’s draw an honest picture of the benefits as well as the side effects of HCG diet plan.

Benefits of HCG

There are many health benefits of HCG if you can take it as a supplement after consulting with your doctor. A physician can tell you the right way to take HCG because he or she knows your physical condition.

It boosts metabolism function

HCG increases your metabolic function resulting to burn extra fat or calories. While other weight loss diet plans increases your hunger, HCG keeps your hunger at bay. It only allows you to take a low-calorie diet that results in weight loss. It tells your body to break down extra fat fast speeding up your body’s metabolic functions.

Reduce Blood Cholesterol

HCG helps reduce blood cholesterol. This special diet plan does not allow you to intake high calories. It helps burn extra fat and also reduces blood cholesterol. If you can follow the diet plan accordingly, you will end up building a good habit of keeping away from odd foods. Thus it can also assist you to prevent heart diseases too.

Regulate Hormones

If you are suffering from low sex drive, HCG can help you in this regard. It keeps hormonal balance in your body. Increasing testosterone in your body, it helps you to improve libido in men. In a similar way, estrogen level in women also increases by taking HCG injections. So, you can also lead to a better life after marriage.

Look attractive and active

The bulky body is a hindrance for anybody to accomplish their task with ease. HCG diet plan is considered as a particular type of weight loss supplement to lose weight rapidly. After burning your extra fat, you will look good and feel better. 

Also, if you can complete this diet plan without missing any instruction, you will end up making a healthy diet plan. By continuing the habit built during the HCG diet plan, you can lead the way better and healthier life.

Side effects (dangerous sides) of the HCG diet plan

Whether consuming HCG works as a weight loss supplement is unknown to medical science. Physicians also think that a user of HCG supplement loses his or her weight due to its extreme-low-calorie diet plan. That’s why FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) has not approved HCG as a weight loss supplement.

By keeping your body in a starvation state, you may experience some health issues including headaches, depression, fatigue and much more. All these happen due to the ultra-low-calorie diet plan of HCG. Older women ageing from 60-65 develop blood clots in their legs and lungs by consuming HCG as a weight loss diet plan. 

You may suffer from severe malnutrition

The HCG protocol allows its users to take only a 500-calorie per day which lead them to severe malnutrition. As a full-grown man, you need nearly 2000 calories per day and woman needs to consume at least 1800 calories each day.

Heart disease due to significant weight fluctuations

HCG is a weight loss diet protocol that makes you lose weight very fast than other diet plans out there in the market. When you lose a large amount of weight quickly, your body may not accept the large weight fluctuations as well. As a result, you will be at the risk of possible heart disease by storing weight in your abdomen and stomach.

Final verdict

I do hope that now it is almost clear to you whether HCG as a weight loss diet plan is dangerous for you or beneficial to you. If you start taking HCG without knowing your physical condition or health concern, you will find difficulties. So, be wise and visit your physician before turning to the ultra-low-calorie diet plan, HCG.

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