Best songs for yoga: 8 songs for your perfect playlist

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Friday, June 12, 2020 - 2:48pm

Making a yoga playlist doesn’t have to involve collecting solely tantric, spellbinding melodies, or albums that are reminiscent of temples. There are plenty of songs to collect that will be able to get you zen enough to strike a pose. Yoga is personal, and playlists can reveal a touch of that personality.

Music can be incredibly powerful for your yoga practice. With these songs, you’ll get a mix of slow spacey sounds and energizing beats to help you hold poses from happy baby to bird of paradise.

1. Bob Moses - Talk

This song has some of that primal vibe known in yoga playlists. The deep yet playful beats of the drum are ideal for setting you up (or keeping you going) through your yoga practice. You’ve got to dig deep to stay in the pose and some good beats can help you deepen your posture.

2. Caveboy - Home Is Where

This is a great dreamy yet steamy song to squeeze into your yoga routine. It seems to vibrate on a higher plane which is, in essence, exactly what you hope to do in your meditative practice.

3. The Internet - Girl

This song is a nice long slow burn, which is probably exactly what you’re looking to get from your yoga session. The mellow yet consistent beat is enough to keep you transitioning from one position to the next while breathing slowly to the beat.

4. Daniel Caesar - Get You

Daniel Caesar is a bonafide crooner. His whole music profile is bursting with soft R&B love songs, one of the best of them being Get You. It’s soft enough to slide into poses and stay connected to your breath, all while feeling wrapped up in a wonderful embrace.

5. Klingande - Jubel

This is uplifting song is just the right amount of energy for a yoga practice. It’s got hints of saxophone-playing jazz and gentle strumming of the guitar throughout pairs perfectly with your sun salutation.

6. Dutch - No Measure

“Simple, slow, and steady,” are lyrics to this song that also describe its vibe. No Measure puts an electric feel into the meditative and utterly simplistic sound of the song. It’s a fantastic beat to help you “keep it simple and listen to your soul” perhaps when you’re setting up to launch into a handstand.

7. Frank Ocean - Pink Matter

For those moments when you’re especially zoned out, let Frank Ocean float you through the pink matter. This spacey serenade has just the right amount of poetic and soothing instrumentals. Even when Andre 3000 jumps in a little over halfway through the mood stays in that low and slow sweet spot.

8. Khruangbin - White Gloves

If you’re looking for that temple-chanting vibe in a language you can understand, White Gloves is the modern pick for you. The soft singing sounds like it’s reverberating off stone walls, all the while set to a gentle guitar riff with some intermittent hand drums. It’s soothing, consistent, and the lyrics are a nice little story if you decide to tap in. It’s very mellowing, making it a good option for Shavasana.


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