Benefits of online doctor consultations

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Authored by Mike Page
Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 8:30am

Regular medical check-ups are the foundations of a healthy life. Most of the terminal illnesses plaguing our society can be properly managed if detected early enough. Some of those illnesses do not show symptoms in their early stages, which means they can only be detected by a comprehensive health analysis.

However, the nature of our day-to-day activities hardly permits us the time and resources to make the necessary regular visits to the hospital. This has led to many uncertainties as to the true nature of our health.

Even when an individual has the luxury of time and other resources that can help them secure access to medical advice, the very nature of some illnesses come with a stigma that many try to avoid. The average male will hardly accept that there is anything wrong with him sexually, and even in cases when he knows that there is a problem with his reproductive capability, he would hardly go to a clinic for the necessary tests and possible male infertility treatment

Due to reasons of pride, ego, denial, or a simple lack of time, many persons opt to get medical advice from online blogs and magazines. While these might seem like credible sources of information, the very nature of shared symptoms by different ailments often leads to personal misdiagnosis. As such, there becomes the need for a method of accessing professional medical advice on the go, thus the introduction of online doctor consultations. 

With online doctor consultations, you can get fast and professional advice and prescription from trained medical personnel from the comfort of your smartphone. Certain hospitals and clinics have developed their own online presence where their doctors are readily available to give out medical advice and prescription when necessary. 

Some centres like Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Private Healthcare are really flexible and give you the option of making inquiries or searching directly for a consultant of your choosing. 

Online doctor consultations are just as good as in-person medical inquiries. They have their own set of benefits that make them an easier means of medical care. 

No Boundaries

Unlike physical clinics and hospitals that are situated in a fixed location, online doctor consultations can be made from anywhere, whether from home or abroad. This gives you the opportunity of receiving foreign medical advice without making travel plans. 

Cost Effective

Most online platforms accept all forms of health insurance while some even go as far as giving certain levels of consultation for free. 

Comfort and Convenience

Online platforms operate a 24-hour service that is readily available to cater to your needs and concerns. This means you no longer have to endure the burden of overcrowded waiting rooms that are usually the case with in-person consultations. You now have the option of making your inquiries from the comfort of your home and at a time that is calm and convenient. 

Security and Expertise

Online medical platforms are safe and secure. Their records are highly confidential and most even allow you the option of anonymity when dealing with certain sensitive health issues 

Accessing medical advice from online consultants helps you better understand your body. The fact that you would have to do most of the physical analysis yourself improves your self-sufficiency and knowledge.