Alopecia is the terrible enemy that today has a method to be defeated

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, April 29, 2019 - 7:13am

Alopecia is the medical term for baldness. This disorder affects 60% of males and 30% of women, it is something that can happen to any age and there can be a number of causes. Some people are suffering from alopecia because of their father or mother, or because of some medications they are taking. Alopecia or hair thinning could be caused by hormonal problems, excessive stress or existing disease, but hair loss is no longer a disorder one lives forever. Modern technological progress in medical treatment means that there are now several ways we can tackle the problem.

Whether you are a man or woman suffering from hair thinning or baldness, there is now a permanent solution. 

Is there a effective solution to baldness?

The solution is biocompatible artificial hair. It is hair that is compatible with natural makeup and does not irritate the skin.

The materials the hair is made from maintains its position and creates a keratin plug that protects the implant from infection. 

The biocompatible artificial hair are strong and are able to resist the stress of normal hair movement and styling, allowing the effect and aesthetic of the implant to be long-lasting. 

The hairs are designed to be quite fine and very flexible, this makes it less invasive to the scalp and allows it to heal faster.

Discover the Biofibre® hair solution

Biofibre® is a high technology hair implant system. It is produced by Medicap ® Italy, a medical devices company that has been developing and training physicians in the application of this solution for more than 20 years.

Medicap is the leading company in the production of biocompatible artificial hair, as well as the manufacturers of the leading implant Instruments used in the procedures.

The Biofibre Hair Implant® is a soft and simple cosmetic surgery outpatient procedure that effectively thickens the hair in the bald areas of the scalp or in the case of thinning hair, increases hair density with a safe and immediate effect, resulting in a pleasantly natural look.

The Biofibre Hair Implant technique is a safe and simple cosmetic surgery procedure for a solution to baldness for men and women. It is also a remedy for thinning hair. 

The procedure is performed with an exclusive Automatic Biofibre Hair Device and Implant Instruments created by Medicap. 

The Automatic Biofibre® Hair Device and Medicap instruments work by hooking the Biofibre Reversible knot and inserting the strands of hair one at a time until the fullness of hair desired by the patient is achieved. The procedure is done under a local anaesthetic so it is pain-free and there is no discomfort. 

The reservable knots the Biofibre hairs are fitted with, ensures that the implants are securely attached and the hair has excellent strength without leaving any visible scars.

You can be certain that any implantation done by Medicap will be of the highest possible standard, with results that you can be confident of. 

Moreover Medicap provides all their patients with after-care instructions to make them aware of how they will need to treat the implants in order for it to maintain its health and maximise their results. They also provide recommended products that are gentle but effective in cleaning and maintaining the condition of the hair. 

The success of the results achieved by this excellent Biofibre® hair implantation means that Biofibre and Medicap have received many awards and certifications for their hair implant system, including the Anti-Aging BeautyTrophy 2016-2017.

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