On running a mobile shop

Once not so long ago people say that shops on wheels were part of our lives. A hoot of the horn or a ring of the bell and you knew to come out to buy your vegetables or fruit or fish. Maybe even have a chat to a neighbour. Well that's what people say.

More recently and it is likely that it is solitary chimes of the ice cream van that you will hear and the sight of supermarket liveried delivery trucks dashing up and down the road full of freshly clicked food miles.

If you do meet a true mobile shop then do take a moment to pass the time of day as, speaking from daily experience, tending a mobile shop can be a mixed experience. Regular customers make the day. Always there at the right time, picking up a conversation from last week, sharing a bit news of what the current state of veg garden is like and buying what they usually buy.

Passers by though can take a long while to get used to the idea of a real shop on wheels where people actually talk to you. If our communities can rediscover this lost way of shopping then our world becomes healthier in whole range of ways.

To experience your local shop on wheels then why not visit the Love Local Food mobile shop. Check out our times here www.lovelocalfood.org.uk/buy

Seasonal vegetables and all kinds of groceries. Interested but the wrong time? Visit www.lovelocalfood.org.uk or phone 01392 824142 Look forward to seeing you!

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