Tips to Organise Your Kids’ Toys and Storage Ideas

There is no doubt that kids love toys. More than being a fun factor, toys also provide an opportunity for children to learn and plays an important role in the child’s development. Toys also help improve various skills like gross motor, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, enhance imagination, and prepare them for life.

Apart from this, toys teach them to mingle with others and thus help develop social skills. When kids play with children of their age group, they get the opportunity to learn respect, cooperation and sharing.

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When buying toys for your kid, take into consideration their habits, behavior and nature to avoid any undesired complications, for example, kids of age, three or younger may tend to put objects in their mouths. Ensure that the new toys you buy are safe for your kid in all aspects and it is always good to supervise your kids while they play.

Organizing Toys

Everything should be organized to keep your house clean. Though toys provide fun for your kids there is a clutter of toys when your kids are finished playing with their toys and there are chances to trip over.

Involve your kids in organizing. Organizing also helps easy access to toys when they need them. Managing your kids’ toys clutter becomes easily manageable if you keep up with routine organizing and teach your kids to keep them organized.

If your kids are having so many toys organizing may become a hard task for you. When you are redoing your kids’ playroom, take stock of what are the toys your kids have, do they still play with some toys or outgrown and rarely uses them, so that you can find the best storage ideas.

Choose the storage containers that are durable and at the same time, it should be easy for the kids to handle them.

Here are some tips for easy organizing.

Inventory and Getting Rid of Excess Toys

Before you begin organizing toys and their playroom, it is a good idea to weed out some toys like broken toys, duplicates, toys that your child hates, and toys for which some pieces or essential parts are missing, etc., to minimize the clutter and free up space.

Don’t hesitate to involve your children in the process of decluttering if they are old enough to participate. Let your child decide what they will need, to avoid hurting their feelings and encourage them to donate the unused or old toys, which are of good condition. Donating also makes another child happy.

There are many situations in which kids receive new toys. Toys become piling up and making room for all those toys may be overwhelming. This is the perfect time to incorporate the habit of getting rid of excess toys in your children as they will not be over-concerned about parting them.


Now that you have reduced the clutter, it is time to sort the remaining toys into groups so that they can be easily organized and it will be easy for children to follow it.

Rotating fewer toys is another great idea if you have to deal with a lot of toys. If your child is having fewer toys, they can spend more time with those toys and it helps improve their imaginations.

Sort the toys according to type and store them. Use baskets or storage bins to store small toys and larger bins for stuffed and bulky toys. Create more shelves in kids’ playroom and you can keep the rarely used toys on the higher shelves.

Children can easily find their toys when you store them in transparent boxes. It’s a great idea to label the storage containers if they are not see-through. It becomes easy for the child to find their toys without creating a mess as well as put their toys back in place once they finish playing with them.

Whatever be the organization plan you come up with, make your child understand that where all toys should be kept after using them so that it will be easy for your child to stick with your storage plan. Make it a fun routine and encourage your kid with offering some small rewards for keeping their belongings in place.

Buying new storage containers can be a tricky one. Here are some tips to choose the storage boxes.

Sometimes you may feel there is no much space for storing all those toys. Make use of every space like space under the bed, over the door to store the toys. Shelving solutions from floor to ceiling will give you a lot more space. You can stack up the storage boxes and save space in your room.

Storage Bin Organisers

Mobile organizers that comes with a number of colorful storage bins are sure to excite your children. It will be easy for your child to group their toys and keep in separate bins of their favorite color. This also improves color recognition skills in your child.

Some organizers come with storage bins of various sizes also. You can keep the small and larger toys in the same size without any issues.

Ottoman Storages

Apart from being used as an ottoman, these are perfect for arranging clutters in your kids’ playroom. These disguise as seats and offer you storage space for keeping the toys or books or even clothes and secure them with the lid. You can easily fold them up when not in use.

Wire Storage Baskets

You can easily clean-up your kid’s playroom with the help of these storage baskets. These are sturdy and available in various colors. These baskets have handles that make it easy to carry around. You can also use these baskets for craft room organizations.

For storage purposes, it is not necessary that you should spend a lot of money. Be resourceful and get creative. Whatever be the organizers you choose, make sure that they are durable and don’t cause any harm to your kids.

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