Games that can be played and enjoyed by teens and adults at your family fun day

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Friday, August 11, 2023 - 6:31am

If the youngest member of your family is in their teens, designing and holding a family fun day gets much more interesting. This is because there are games that can be introduced that you may not have thought about if there were younger children attending.

If you have a large garden to host the event or are hiring a field from a local farmer, you should ensure that the location is large enough for all your games and has easy access so that all of your guests can find it and attend the fun day.

#1 Darts

It is up to you whether you choose the conventional dart and dart board for your fun day or opt for the Velcro kind. Of course, the conventional darts have a weight to them, so they are less likely to be blown off course, whereas the Velcro darts could mean that a little bit of additional skill is required to get the best shots. Having hay bales around so that whichever darts game you choose will stay within the game’s location is a must, regardless of which sort you pick.

#2 Shooting alley

No adult fun day isn’t complete without a shooting range. This, too, should have a hay bale boundary and should be well away from the parameter of your garden or field that you are borrowing, and access behind the range should be blocked off. This is to make sure that the shoots stay within the boundary and that nobody gets injured due to flying shots or debris. You can use the traditional empty tin cans for your shooting or look to sites such as BB Guns 4 Less for paper target ideas to print off. Websites such as these also sell BB Guns and safety wear so that you can provide everything for your guests to enjoy.

#3 Crockery smash

Installing a crockery smash stall for your guests to enjoy is something that they will remember. Sourcing the crockery can be made easier by attending boot sales and charity shops, although you may find that you could be inundated if you ask for crockery donations. This is OK because this type of stall is immensely popular with everyone and often runs out of crockery long before it runs out of customers.

#4 Giant adult bouncy castle

Kids love them, and adults rarely get the pleasure of bouncing around on them; the giant adult bouncy castle is a must. You will find that it rarely gets empty of bodies. Of course, you will have to make sure you supply plenty of sitting so that your relatives can have a sit down after their childlike exertions. Of course, these can be in a regular style or that of an assault course, or a high bouncy slide. If you are not strapped for space, a combination of the three could be highly entertaining for your guests, whether taking part or sitting down watching the action around them.

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