Four ideas for a fun family reunion

Four ideas for a fun family reunion

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Friday, March 19, 2021 - 7:22am

As the lockdown restrictions start to relax cautiously, you might be planning on hosting a family reunion later on in the summer. Doing this will allow you to catch up properly with your family and celebrate getting through the tough coronavirus lockdown. However, hosting a family reunion does take some planning to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time. To ensure that your party is memorable for all the right reasons, here are four ideas for a fun family reunion that you should include.

  1. Food

Food is an essential part of any get-together, allowing people to bond and relax over a delicious meal. You might decide to show off your cookery skills that have been honed over lockdown by wowing your family with a three-course meal. Or, for a more relaxed affair, you could set up a buffet for guests to help themselves. If you are less than enthusiastic about cooking, hiring caterers will remove the pressure of cooking and serving food, allowing you to relax and enjoy your party. Check with guests beforehand whether they have any specific dietary requirements, such as vegan options or a nut allergy, and work these considerations into your menu to ensure that everyone can enjoy a delicious meal.

  1. Drink

You can’t host a successful party without a good supply of drinks. For a family reunion, make sure that you have a wide selection of drinks available to suit the tastes of all ages present – for instance, your great uncle might only drink pints of bitter whereas your 10-year-old niece will require soft drinks like Coca-Cola and fruit juice. You might also like to coordinate your wine with your menu. Use an alcohol delivery service, such as Drinks House 247, to remove the hassle of purchasing large quantities of alcohol from the supermarket.

  1. Entertainment

With a range of ages in attendance at a family party, you will have to organise entertainment to keep everyone occupied and having a good time. Set up a variety of activities for the kids – outside activities such as playing on the climbing frame or having an impromptu game of football, followed by drawing pads for quieter moments, for instance. You might like to up the nostalgia for the adults by bringing down the family photograph albums for people to look through. This is sure to get people laughing and reminiscing about past occasions and departed family members, allowing you to strengthen your family bonds.

  1. Décor

Where you are planning on hosting your party is important. If you are planning on a large family reunion, you might want to book a venue – covid restrictions allowing, of course. However, you can still have an enjoyable party in your own home and, as the weather improves in the summer months, why not have your party in your back garden? A gazebo will protect guests and garden furniture from showers, and an outdoor heater will keep everyone warm, whatever the outside temperature.

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