Bringing a pet home: A guide

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 11:46am

Getting a new pet and welcoming them into your family is a very exciting time for you and your family. Although you want to cuddle and spend time with your pet first and foremost, keep in mind that they’re also a big responsibility to take on and can be a lot of extra work for you.

Know that your pet is depending on you to provide it with a safe and friendly home environment. Use this guide to your advantage as you try to figure out what to do before they arrive and when they’re actually living in your home. This is a big adjustment and change for everyone involved, so stay patient as you all get to know each other better.

Give Them Their Own Space

Your first step and action item should be to make sure your pet has its own space in your home. Pick a spot to put their food, water, and bed so that they know exactly where they can go to get nourished or take a nap in your home. This is very important for not only keeping them off your nice furniture but to also make them feel welcomed into your house and like they belong. Also, set boundaries with your pet so they know where they’re allowed to go and areas they should stay away from in the living space.

Play with them & get them Daily Exercise

Your pet is going to need daily interaction with you, so think twice before getting one if you’re too busy overall. Get in the habit of playing with them in your free time and taking them for walks regularly. If you need help in this area, then turn to the dog walking north london service for assistance, so you don’t have to sacrifice your pet’s health and happiness just because of your packed schedule.

Start Training Early on

If there’s one action you should take and commit to right away, it’s to begin training your pet early on. The sooner, the better, because this way they’ll know what’s expected of them and how to behave up front. Consider a mix of taking them to professional training classes as well as working with your pet at home in your downtime to help them learn. Remember to always reward your pet when they please you and show that they're good listeners. This reinforcement will help them to stay on track better and understand what’s expected of them.

Make Them Feel Loved

Most importantly, you should aim to make your pet feel loved when you bring them into your home. Show them constant affection, and you’ll all be more likely to get along better in the long run. Your pet will be the perfect companion to cuddle up with after a long day of work or when you’re watching a movie. Be sure to pet them often and make it known that you care for them and are glad to have them around the house.

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