9 things you must buy for your newborn

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - 11:08pm

Perhaps you are wondering what you should do when you prepare to bring your sweet newborn home. In the first week at home, "what does a baby actually need?" The answer is nothing. You probably would think your baby's wish list involves anything you can possibly imagine, if you consult a baby registry suggestion list, ask a baby gear store, or find a trustworthy review site . It is advisable that you be prepared for the first few days and weeks of your infant by making sure that you have the item you need. OveReview is a product review site that have selected the best baby items you will need.

1. Baby Clothes

The size of baby clothes is generally designated for each age group newborn, three months, six months, nine months, and twelve Some brands size differently and may have a range of sizes in their products. If possible, find clothes that include a size and weight chart – that way you'll know what size fits best. We also compiled a list of the best baby clothing brands for your consideration. There are some babies that go straight to 3 months and never require newborn clothes, but that is not easy to predict in advance, so you should have some newborn clothes on hand. Ensure that you have a few outfits in the next size up before the child actually needs one - babies grow incredibly fast! Making sure you have a variety of sizes to choose from by buying secondhand clothes and accepting hand-me-downs is a good way to ensure that you will have many choices. Comfort and ease are the general guidelines to follow. Make sure the clothing you choose is soft, roomy and durable. Make sure the items you choose are well made and can stand up to frequent washing. Additionally, avoid clothing with dangling strings, tassels, and ribbons - these pose a choking hazard.

2. Crib

You should provide your baby with a bed where he or she can sleep. A bassinet allows your baby to sleep in the same room as you, whether you prefer a crib or a bassinet. For small nurseries, bassets and mini cribs are also a good option, but your baby will outgrow them sooner or Whatever the case may be, you'll have to give your bundle of joy a place to rest their weary heads.

3. Baby Crib Bedding

Then, once you have a crib and have put it together, you will need to make sure you have a comfortable baby crib bedding. Studies show newborns spend most of their time sleeping (about 17-18 hours every day according to one study released in 2019). For a baby's health, comfort, and happiness, your baby's sleeping space must be conducive to their needs, and comforter sets are just one way to achieve that. Regardless, always make sure to compare between different baby crib bedding to find the perfect crib for your newborn. 

4. Changing Pad

Changing pads, diapers, and wipes can be found in any corner of your home that can be transformed into a diaper duty station. It is important to wash the pad (and the cover) regularly, especially if it is stained during diaper changes.

5. Baby Monitor

Especially if they like to keep an eye on their babies without waking them up (dread those creaking doors! ), moms have found a baby monitor indispensable. When using a baby monitor, you are able to nap when the baby naps, so that you do not have to run into the room every time he The monitor will let you do other things such as shopping, cooking and cleaning farther away from the baby if you live in a large house. No matter if you are not in the next room right now, you'll be able to keep an eye on him.

6. Baby Proofing Supplies

You can expect your little one to be on the move in a few months. Look at your furniture and the architecture of your home to decide what supplies you need. It's a good idea to have outlet covers, baby gates for the top and bottom of stairs, and latches for the cabinets and drawers.

7. Breast Pumps

There are many types of breast pumps available, from those with an open system to those with a closed system. You can also opt for pumps that work on one or both breasts simultaneously. You may also need accessories like storage bottles and carriers. The pump is perfect for breastfeeding mothers who have pumped breast milk for feeding their baby.

8. Baby Bath Tub

A baby that has just been bathed is the best thing ever. As soon as you get past the first panic-inducing experience, bath time can actually be fun. In general, babies who are just a few weeks old are not very dirty. The only stain they get on them is from baby drool, potty accidents, food spills, and food mishaps. Baby bath tubs are relatively inexpensive and a great way to give yourself peace of mind while bathing your baby.

9. Baby Car Seat

A car seat designed for infants is a baby car seat. Your baby usually needs to use this seat from birth until at least 2 years old and when he or she reaches the seat’s weight limit. It is important to purchase a baby car seat, as a used seat cannot be trusted for your baby. It is common for hospitals to require an inspection of the car seat installation before discharge of the mother and child. It is recommended that you install the car seat in your vehicle at least 3-4 weeks before your due date so that you will be ready at any time to visit the hospital. A larger seat will be necessary when the child is older.


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