Wagering requirements and what you need to know

Mike Page
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Posted Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 6:15am

Wagering requirements are a key part of promotional offers that are provided to new and existing players in an online casino. The importance of wagering requirements can not be overstated. Generally, if these requirements are not met, players casino players will be unable to withdraw any winnings they make from a promotional offer.

As a result, players must understand what the concept of wagering requirements means, in order to take full advantage of any bonuses offered by most online casinos. This explanatory guide will provide a complete analysis of the concept behind bonus wagering.

Among other things, this guide will provide insights on how you can select bonus offers with suitable wagering requirements. 

Wagering Requirements: How Do They Work?

In most cases, bettors who claim promotional offers at an online casino typically receive bonus cash instead of real money. Additionally, a player may receive free spins after selecting a bonus offer.

Casino players will notice that bonus offers are accompanied by wagering requirements as soon as they appear. According to standard casino policy, players can only withdraw their winnings after they have met the requirements. So what are wagering requirements?

They can be simply defined as the number of times bettors must wager their bonus money before they are eligible to claim their earnings from a promotional offer. Generally, bonus wagering attached to promotional offers is a multiple of the bonus amount initially offered to players.

Due to the competitive nature of online gambling, there are some online casinos that may attach bad wagering requirements to the bonus offers. Casino players are therefore encouraged to choose bonus offers that have reasonable wagering requirements when choosing bonuses.

Our opinion is that a suitable requirement should fall between 30x and 35x. Gamblers should avoid bonus offers with playthrough requirements above this range as much as possible.

How to Calculate the Wagering Requirements

There are a few factors you should consider when calculating the playthrough requirements attached to a bonus offer. For a start, you need to consider the type of bonus offer that is being offered on your selected casino. When calculating how much wagering requirements they need, players should also take into account their deposit amounts.

How to Calculate Wagering on Free Spins

There is no complicated math involved when calculating bonus wagering for a free spins offer. The player, however, is expected to calculate the requirements based on how much he or she earns. Suppose, for instance, that a player gets 30 free spins with a 10x playthrough requirement attached to the offer. After spinning on the reels, the player wins £15.

Example: £15 (Free Spins Wins) x 10 (Wagering) = £150

From the example above, there were 30 free spins with a wagering requirement of 10x. Based on the player's earnings on the reels, it is necessary for them to wager £150 before they can cash out their winnings.

How to Calculate Wagering on Deposit Bonuses

This method can be used for bonuses that do not have wagering requirements attached to the deposit amount. Consider a player who claims a £100 bonus with a playthrough requirement of 10x

Example: £100 (Bonus) x 10 (Wagering) = £1000

For Bonus offers where wagering requirements apply to the deposit amount, players can calculate the bonus wagering by applying this method. Consider a player who claims a £100 bonus offer for a £40 deposit with a wagering requirement of 20x

Example: £40 (Deposit) + £100 (Bonus) x 20 (Wagering) = £2040

How To Beat Your Wagering Requirements

It is crucial that you learn how the wagering requirements work and play smartly in order to beat them. This section of our guide will highlight some key features gamblers must watch out for when selecting bonus offers with reasonable wagering requirements.

Always Check the Terms and Conditions

As a rule, you have to deposit a minimum amount in order to qualify for the bonus. It may be required that you use a specific deposit method, or you may have a limited amount of time to claim it. Players looking to withdraw their winnings must meet the requirements set forth by each online casino regarding promotional offers.

As a result, take time to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you opt-in for a welcome bonus or another offer. You will find all the details about what you have to do to meet the wagering requirements in the fine print for the bonus offer. Also, players must check the time limits attached to the bonus offer before picking them.

Play At Reliable Online Casinos

Playing at trustworthy online casinos is also an important way to earn maximum rewards from bonus offers. Several casinos have high wagering requirements for their promotions, while others have low playthrough requirements. In some cases, you may be limited in how much money you can win from casino bonuses by your gambling platform.

Due to these factors, gamblers are expected to carefully search for and select online casinos that deliver the best promotional offers with reasonable terms and conditions. In addition to offering reasonable bonus offers, these casinos must be licensed and regulated by top-rated regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, such casinos must provide a simple user interface. In the event that gamblers have questions about promotional offers or encounter any problems when using the casino, they must also provide reliable and prompt customer service. We believe that a suitable wagering requirement would be between 30x and 35x. The best option for players is to stay away from bonus offers with playthrough requirements above this range.

Select The Best Casino Games

Each casino game contributes a different percentage towards completing the bonus wagering attached to bonus offers. Players should quickly identify games that qualify, then determine how much of their wagers are contributed to them, then play the games that will best meet their wagering requirements.

It is common for online slots to contribute 100% of your bet towards the wagering requirements. Table and card games, on the other hand, may contribute only 50%. When you choose to play Slots, you can meet your objectives faster and more easily.

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